Fuck these guys. Seriously. Read more

Shouting people get kicked off flights all the time. Read more

You don’t kick babies off flights because they can’t help it. They are absolutely right to kick belligerent and obnoxious passengers off a flight. Read more

Well now I just want to attend Mardi Gras with Tilda Swinton and Angela Lansbury. Read more

You get a modified FitBit, to make sure you’re maintaining a healthy amount of Basic behavior. Read more

I’m with you. I like movies, books, music, and television that make me cry. Bring on the catharsis!
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The fact that you took them as literal examples (which they are but they are also allegorical) means that maybe you missed the entire point. Read more

Non-crating is why the millennials suck so much. Thanks Obama. Read more

And I would say that since you should expect to outlive your pet, while it is sad that they have died, you knew that would happen eventually. Read more

Why do people have such a hard time differentiating “ball” from “bawl”? “Ball” doesn’t even make sense! Read more

Not all cats go to college. Duh. There are vocational schools and other options. Some take a year off to travel abroad. Read more

I am batshit crazy about my dog, but your workmate is nuts. Read more

Stassi is and has always been the WORST. Everything she does and says is borderline condescending and extremely malicious. Why is she back? Read more

This makes Margaret Cho look pretty astonishingly two-faced, tbh. Which is about the last thing I could imagine Margaret Cho being accused of. Maybe she felt like she had to be nice to Tilda because she didn’t know her well, and as she gained distance from the conversation she started to resent that she was put in a Read more

I don’t know HOW i missed that viral tweet because i’m on Twitter ALL.THE.TIME. But, somehow, i did. Man! I watched this like 7 times and laughed HARD each time. The “levels” of emotions, though......from mildly interested/surprised to complete shock. I. Am. DYING!!!!! Read more

not to be a wang, but minorities have pretty much always been killing it in the arts community. it shouldn’t take a twitter account to make you realize that. Read more

Yes, as a seven-year-old watching teevee, the stuff Archie said bothered me and actually influenced my thinking toward trying not to be “prejudiced” like he was. As the same seven-year-old, Ralph never appealed to me and I watched maybe 2 episodes of The Honeymooners in my life and cannot remember them, other than Read more

You mean a reboot of Happy Endings? That’d be great!

The Hallmark Channel should be ashamed of themselves for not making this movie sooner. Read more