Yesterday 12:05PM

They want all the benefits of economies of scale, but without any of the normal savings to the customer. Fuck them. Fuck them, hard.

Yesterday 10:17AM

The problem is that that Semi-autonomous driving tech is both hardware and software. Just like those heated seats, the manufacturer had to install the cameras and/or LIDAR system or whatever else to make your car maintain it’s lane or whatever. You’re still paying for systems to be installed in your car even if you Read more

Yesterday 10:01AM

I was under the impression I was purchasing a car, and not software. I say that as a software engineer. I don’t buy a car based upon the notion that there will be rolling updates, and I don’t expect them to happen. (If they do, nice. But I won’t expect them.) Read more

Yesterday 9:54AM

This reminds me of that story about the guy who bought a used Tesla Model S, and the previous owner purchased FSD (or whatever it’s called now; the self driving). After the sale, Tesla disabled the feature because the second owner “didn’t pay” for it. I’m not sure what happened with that case, but with this Read more

Yesterday 9:49AM

Well, a lease is basically a long term subscription, so it should be in the same ballpark, could be a little more if it includes assurances and maintenance.

Yesterday 9:49AM

If they give me the car for “free” and I pay a couple hundred a month with the option to buy the car for a price, lets call it a “residual”, after a set time or they take it back in a couple years and I agree to only drive it a set amount of miles a year...then sure, that “subscription” model is acceptable.  If they Read more

Yesterday 9:47AM

I refuse to even renew my Sirius subscription because they make you haggle down to a reasonable price. Read more

Friday 4:55PM

Look, give them a break, they’ve tried nothing and are all out of ideas!

Friday 4:41PM

If only there was a publicly funded way of transporting large groups of people all over the island without needing to have everyone drive their own car.

Thursday 10:39AM

Dunno, if I were buying one I’d jump at the hybrid in a heartbeat.  40mpg around town?  Sign me up!

6/08/21 2:08PM

It’s a winner. Perfect and simple enough the way it is. I want one.

6/08/21 12:36PM

I’m sure they also think it’s too big simply because they’re not used to it.