Nov 26

This is the answer. She needs to hold onto the Subaru as a winter car and then get a really fun car for when the salt and snow are gone. In VT I assume you can get enough garage space to keep both cars without breaking the bank. Now she’s not limited by 4WD sedans...

Nov 26

This here kills me, but it is the root of the Kia/Hyundai/Genesis problem. No one that wants to show off being successful is going to buy any of their cars. Even though they are some of the best cars you can currently buy. Whoever is the making their marketing and inventory decisions should be fired. Kia should be the Read more

Nov 26

All bad suggestions. Someone straight out of college with reliable transportation shouldn’t be buying ANYTHING. How about paying down those college loans and investing into tax deferred retirement funds. Read more

Nov 19

And why does it have a Fiat 500 on the top?  Or is it a subtle message that he should get Fiat 500?  He should.

Nov 16

Nissan IDX, not sure if I would buy one but It would have added a bit of new obtainable performance to a pretty meh Nissan lineup.

Nov 13

It’s especially funny because given the age of most posters here, when they hear “Blazer” they should realistically be picturing not this:

Nov 11

It also has a clock to tell you when the toaster strudels are done

Nov 10

All those options and all I wanted was just the i30 N with its normal 4 doors layout...

Nov 7

Too many cars look like they’re taking a massive ragedump in their pants, or like they want to punch your mom in the face. A lot of the time, your car is you—it’s what people see of you when you’re in it, it’s your clothing and your face at the same time. Read more

Oct 28

I read to the end and still have the same thought I did when I read the intro, “who thinks a promotional video released to Top-Gear is going to be completely accurate?”

Oct 23

The fact that U/L’s business model is fundamentally unsustainable is not a particularly compelling argument for allowing them to exploit their workers to help make up the difference.

Oct 23

I bought a 2013 500 Abarth with 100k miles for $4800. You can find them cheap.