Oct 26 2017

I’m not saying we need corn pop diversity. Corn pops aren’t people! But if you’re going to the trouble of making one brown, let it party with the other corn pops, for god’s sake. Read more

Aug 10 2017

Disagree. Playing football is a privilege, not a right.

Aug 7 2017

As a liberal, this looks no different to me than if an employee had circulated a memo postulating that black people were intellectually inferior and cited the “The Bell Curve”. Read more

Aug 4 2017

I’m with both of you. Without proof of long term harassment/bullying, this is just the parents looking for someone to blame for the fact they didn’t notice their son’s issues. She needs therapy for the trauma, not a record.

Aug 3 2017

I’m sure it’s the unpopular opinion, judging by the comments I’ve seen elsewhere. It’s sort of like HE WAS CRYING OUT FOR HELP AND SHE MURDERED HIM, with a bunch of misogynist slurs thrown in for good measure. Read more

Aug 3 2017

Honestly, I’m surprised she even got that. In my high school a guy killed his 16 year old girlfriend who was trying to dump him by intentionally crashing into another car but this was like, 1997 so no text messages. He also told his friends he intended to die but didn’t quite manage that. Although they did prove that Read more

Jul 20 2017

I have only watched one scene, featuring an off-broadway gender-reversal of Streetcar Named Desire. I haven’t had a big gut-laugh like that in ages! This trailer though does nothing for me and has me wondering how possibly the scene could have made me laugh so much.

Jul 20 2017

I loved this and stayed up till 2 the night it came out to watch it all. I’ve been looking for people to talk about it all week, but all my go-to places have been silent and now finally something is posted, but it’s horribly negative. I’m guessing there’s not going to be an S2 to resolve the cliffhanger. *sigh*

Jul 18 2017

The Times reports that Delgado received a call from a Texas woman who had taken the first pill (mifepristone) of the two-drug regimen and “immediately regretted it.” The woman was desperate to stop the medical abortion and, in response, Delgado found a local doctor willing to follow his suggestion that the woman be

Jul 12 2017

Lol all he’s thinking while massaging his topless wife is “how much of this do I need to do before we can bone.”

Jun 22 2017

I can think of few situations where being seated next to an 81 year old woman is a dangerous situation. Unless it’s my Grandma and she just found out the restaurant doesn’t serve wine.