Still waiting on a Return to Monkey Island review, but I guess yet another update on what a Twitch streamer pulled out of their nose this morning will have to do. Read more

With a golden parachute probably. Read more

Never has the number 5 filled me with such excitement.

I look forward to Prime 4, but this is what I need. I actually loved Fusion (And Samus Returns). Read more

It was? I thought Fusion was great. I first played it on the Wii U, so it’s not like I have nostalgia goggles on. Read more

Fusion was great. Other M is the one we don’t talk about. Read more

I thought the show made it clear that Hex Vision didn’t transfer his memories, he just unlocked White Vision’s memories which were being supressed. That would include everything up until the moment he was killed by Thanos. Read more

I bet i load this page more then the editors 🤔 Read more

Yeah. Kotaku writers need to load this site without an adblock before making any comments how any other service does ads.. Or whether it fucking sucks or not. Read more

Ah Mario 64. I cannot tell you how many times my mom obliged my 12 year old self by bringing me to Toys R Us to play the demo before the N64 released. Read more

Yeah between this review and the emulation thing, I’m not really seeing a point to pick these up. It’s not like these games are hard to find in their original, better working formats. It’s really a shame they put the all stars moniker on this game; it just compares it to the far superior original All-Stars, which was Read more

These are massively overpriced, even by most pre-built system standards.  Read more

For that price the specs are ridiculous. As expected. Check price lists of small PC shops and you will get the exact same specs as the C300 for 500$ less.
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not in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and i did it to punish 2nd place + his Red Shell Read more

Even cooler, he didn’t need the banana at all. You can destroy blue shells by firing the bomb either right in front or behind you, and blow it up. When the blue shell hits, it hovers above you for a frame, target it then. Read more

Looks like something out of Chrono Trigger to me.
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