Rollin Hand
Oct 14

I miss the Build of the Week stories. I frankly couldn’t care less about what Tesla is up to, but seeing what people get up to in their own garages with their own cars is fascinating. I know Stef isn’t around anymore, but someone else should take up that mantle. It was a great feature. Read more

Jul 25

You may not realize it but the complaint made against you was the best thing that could have happened. Read more

Jul 20

20 years, David Tracy hides in a corner in the post-apocalyptic hell that is the United States of America. Armor-clad police march in columns down the street. Jim Spanfeller, having somehow failed his way into a role as Ivanka Trump’s Vice President, shouts over loudspeakers about beans. People writhe in agony on the Read more

Jul 16

Good lord you put a lot of time and effort into this article. I just want to express my appreciation for a proper deep dive. You drove to the dealer, crawled under the Wrangler for photos, uploaded and edited those with arrows and text boxes, scoured the internet for appropriate Bronco suspension photos and did the Read more

Jul 16

I say, old chaps. Let's motive to the druggist and tip our homburg hats to the ladies. If chance is in our favour, one might be inclined to show us some ankle.

Apr 17

1. Say what you want about the movie but Christopher Reeve is still the best Superman:

Mar 17

like most of us, I have some elements that I don’t care for - but it’s well integrated and pretty cohesive as a design. The corporate grille is not my favorite part at all. In profile it reminds me of the Honda Accord or that hybrid they make. I’m struck by how much the interior seems like someone who really liked the

Mar 9

I’m on my way to buy that thing. I’ve had two, it MUST BE SAVED!

Feb 26

And the bridge scene is arguably the most iconic scene in the entire franchise. Sure the movie isn’t perfect but it was incredibly enjoyable.

Feb 26

Same. Crystal Skull isn’t that bad. Given that it takes place in the 1950s, the height of pulp sci-fi, its milieu even makes sense! 

Jan 14

Check out Dogtown in Castlewood, VA if you ever find yourself on ALT 58 (hah!)- Think of several generations of hillbillies hid every kind of vehicle scattered across acres of an old wooded ‘holler’. You can seriously get lost in this place: