So, if a front trunk is called a frunk, would a front bed be called Fred? Read more

I’ll just follow you and stalk your posts via your profile. I also have an NA and a Mazda 2. This shit is right up my alley. Read more

Where is the build thread so I can subscribe to it!? Read more

Rogue-like is potentially the oldest one you’ve mentioned here, as they find their ancestry in a game called Rogue. It was a text-based adventure game with roots in older games from the 70's, using ASCII characters as sprites on an overhead map. A Rogue-like inherits some basic tenets of the game, such as randomized Read more

Honestly, this is what I first thought, too. Read more

I honestly think they don’t have anything better to do out there except bust up the occasional meth ring. Read more

I’ve been seeing some comments about how small this bike is. I’m 6'3", would it not be a good starter bike for me if I’m a mature, responsible rider? Read more

Oh boy. I wish I saw this last week. Read more

Twenty-four hours.

This is fantastic Jalopnik, thank you. Read more

This sucks, but I can see how it happened. Read more

It’s a nice, Reliant automobile. Read more

It’s the Cadillac of minivans!

I have witnesses! Everyone in my car was like, “WTF?” And then they all watched me change to the spare without helping. Read more

Another Miata/2 family? I feel like I probably know you. Read more

I haven’t mastered the “back it in with the e-brake” maneuver yet but when I do you’ll be the first to know. Read more

I did, actually, they’re sitting on a shelf in my garage. Read more