Bok Choy
Friday 4:33PM

Tell me what games are being worked on, give me release dates, show me some trailers. I don’t give a shit what 7-8 people I don’t know think about any of it, so leave all that stuff out. I literally couldn’t care less what that one lady is “there for”.

Thursday 2:43PM

Boy I hate when people write “sike”. It’s “psych” - as in, “psych-out”.


6/14/21 10:44AM

Damn, chaos won before the fight even began.

6/10/21 12:50PM

I see that I may not have explained my gripes well enough above considering I keep getting the same replies about strings and wires, and a few idiots I had to dismiss because they’re children that jumped to insults. I’m disappointed in the sound output, I wanted a built in speaker with electronics within the set, I Read more

6/08/21 7:44AM

That’s the least of it. Goldeneye’s AI and injury models were cutting edge for the time (bad guys that responded differently depending on where you shot them was mind blowing in 1997), you had to complete objectives to pass the levels (that got more complicated as the difficulty level went up) and you could Read more

6/08/21 4:13AM

I was wondering how Claire was going to put a paper around a whole cabbage :) 

6/07/21 2:26PM

It was one of the first four player split-screen shooters for consoles, and it was really fun.

6/07/21 1:43PM

My girlfriend does, and she did it because she prefers the UI to Spotify.  Somehow.

6/07/21 1:04PM

I though this meant the zombies themselves would be massive, absolute units of undead. Disappointed now.

6/06/21 2:20PM

Also, season 2 has a whole lot of people being killed.  In one episode it’s played for laughs and has no lasting consequences, but the other episode is fridge horror.

6/03/21 2:23PM

Choosing between high resolution and high framerates? The fuck? What’s even the point of the PS5 if it can’t do both?

6/02/21 10:01AM

Puts on No Man’s Sky. Wanders in space. Lands on planet. Walks around shooting things. Gets bored. Leaves planet. Goes to one of those space stations that all look the same. Gets bored and turn off the game. Can’t wait!

5/31/21 11:24PM

It’s not common, but I believe at 16 you can quasi-emancipate yourself from the foster care system, and you get a small government allowance/stipend. I think that’s the plot basis here.

5/28/21 11:13AM

If it ever comes to PC I’ll just stick to the Japanese audio anyway. The voice actors are 100% Asian that way. 

5/27/21 1:54PM

The real monster is man, a man that’s been transformed into a monster... by a society... of man-made monsters oppressed by a man-hating femputer.

5/25/21 8:55PM

Wtf, are you angry at me for asking a question?