Sep 11

Cool with me. I’ll stick to Android. 

Jul 11

Well... the whole point here is that they’re banning dissenting voices.

Jul 10

Okay, so you agree, they have criminalized and cracked down on whistleblowing to cover their ass because of the massive quantity of war crimes they commit. All the more reason to undermine U.S. Army recruitment, don’t you think?

Jul 10

And in reality, if you don’t do what you’re told, you will be shit upon from great height. Look what they did to Chelsea Manning for exposing U.S. war crimes.

Jul 10

is it appropriate to antagonize people that served our country? Read more

Jul 10

The difference is that TV commercials don’t have live comments.

Jul 10

The streamers chose to act as a liasons to a nation’s military via propaganda targeted at young people—up to and including minors--while also partaking in erasing valid points brought up regarding said military’s actions on foreign soil in the services of oligarchs. Read more

Jul 10

This streamers are complicit in a us army propaganda campaign, so no.

Jul 1

This shit is honestly hilarious if you take it at face value.

Jul 1

This isn’t hackers, this is probably an officially sanctioned operation by some Super PAC to make it look like hackers are trying to besmirch Trumps name and garner sympathy for him, because he needs a win.

Jun 29

A whole bunch of people are going to lose work, and a bunch more work is going to the shitcan because someone has an opinion you don’t agree with. You people are all fucked. Every fucking one of you. Fucked.
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Jun 29

Hey man, trans people are dying, but please cry more for video games not being purchased enough. That is the hill to die on, FOR SURE.

Jun 29

Maybe don’t take projects from known bigots.  You are who you get in bed with.  

May 29

Seriously. Deescalation here is just 4 signed arrest warrants. Read more

May 29

And there it is. Congrats AlphalLolz, you win the prize for being the first to equate murder and property damage. I just hope everyone else here understands the obscenity of your comment and your attitude. To you, damaging some stuff and destroying a human life are equivalent transgressions. Read more

May 29

All they have to do is perp walk a murdering cop. Instead they arrest CNN. Read more

May 23

This is super weird, I just watched it, and instead of saying ‘Oh La La!’ Marty clearly and loudly exclaimed ‘Maclunkey!’ and then the movie continued as normal.

Jul 25 2018

It’s one of the most common objections I hear to the cooperative model. Which is funny, because if everyone has a vote, and everyone feels that there should be a single lead or director to hold the vision for one aspect of a project...then as a group they can elect to make that happen. People confuse actual democracy Read more