Bad Tina
4:29 PM

This is the final week of winter break. While I’ve definitely benefitted from rest, time with family, and relaxation, I’m not ready to go back to teaching! Trying to enjoy the last few days of freedom and work on some of my priorities for 2020. Read more

11:43 PM

I was a bit bummed that we didn’t plan anything for NYE. It’s our first NYE on away from family, so I was kind of hoping for some romantic couple time. Turns out the mister and I are really tired. We enjoyed a great dinner of trader joes treats and are now snuggled up on the couch watching Netflix. But now, this feels Read more

12:12 PM

Congratulations!! I can’t even imagine how sweet this feels! My student loan freedom is at least a decade away. I hope you are able to celebrate! Read more

12:57 PM

I’ve got alot of chores to do and errands to run today. My first goal is to conquer laundry mountain. It is a formidable foe. Read more

12:53 PM

That was adorable! I feel like I am those raccoons today. My house is super cold and I just want to stay wrapped up and cozy in bed. In contrast, my husband is up and about and trying to tempt me out of bed with coffee.

10:13 AM

I’m so sorry, TCIW! Is there any way your current/former roommate could also help? Seems like she’s leaving you in the lurch. I hope that you find an ok, reliable roommate quickly! Read more

5:07 PM

I really love my instant pot. I use it at least once a week. Here’s what I’m typically making in it: Read more

9:25 PM

I love this! I too am in a mixed marriage with an extrovert. I love him, but need my nice breaks of solitude for my own mental health!

8:28 PM

Thank you! These are great suggestions! I hadn’t even considered an immersion blender bc we already have one. However, our immersion blender is 5 years old and protests when I use it to make smoothies. It may be time to upgrade...

6:46 PM

Drinking a can of wine and eating pizza for dinner. Finally getting around to setting up our not-a-wedding* website and registry tonight (we’re already married but not many people know/the upcoming celebration is the big one). Read more

4:06 PM

My plans fell through. I was supposed to drive to see family a few hours away but I’m just feeling weird and don’t really think it is a good idea to drive alone. Spouse had already left to go to his family, so it looks like I’m spending Thanksgiving alone. Surprisingly ok about it. Maybe because the alternative is Read more

3:18 PM

Thanks! I really love the sloth gif too! Also, thanks for the gif advice. For some reason the embed photo option doesn’t work for me. It just times out and deletes my comment. Maybe I should switch my kinja life over to a new browser. 

7:05 PM

We are so close! Hang in there! That’s all my colleagues and I are saying to each other these days.

9:31 PM

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or both. Groupthink and other kinja blogs have been my internet home for over a decade. All of that can be over in a second because one dude got his feelings hurt by a completely innocuous insult? Oy vey... 

2:03 PM

Thank you, HoneySmacks! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been hit hard by the Fall bugs this year, too. Sending healing thoughts your way. I hope that the bank issue gets resolved quickly and that you’re able to get quality rest this weekend.