Baba Yaga Bony Legs

The Hummels! Not Hubbles. It’s like Moors/Moops. Read more

I think the chilling part is supposed to be that even though Epstein is dead, this former UFC fighter is implying that a journalist might “get in trouble” for asking these questions. What sort of extralegal reprisals is he worried about?
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I reject the assumption that “bonded for life” means you have to have like... a daily friendship exchange with someone. I’m bonded for life with people I haven’t talked to in years. There are strangers I’ve met out at a bar that I feel like I bonded to for life even though I’ve never seen them again. Read more

The UC system is well-respected and prestigious but nothing like Harvard or Yale. I don’t understand why these parents think they are helping their kids by getting them into a university through a payoff. They’re hurting them instead. They didn’t work for it; they don’t qualify for admittance. What a great message to Read more

A lot of these have that one great movie, but that just proves Clover right
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Wow. Maybe chill out? I like Brie, but she was flat and boring in CM. Tessa Thompson would have been SO MUCH BETTER
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Counterpoint: No, he doesn’t. He’s a genuinely good person who is imperfect, like everyone is, but is actually willing to learn and grow. Read more

The DNA thing was stupid but the fact that people are clinging so hard to what amounts as a gaffe, while excusing more abhorrent behavior from other frontrunners, is straight up misogyny. Read more

I am the husband of that 74 year old woman and we have been hiking for over 30 years in those mountains. We are in great shape...she just caught her foot on a rock in very easy hiking trail and fell on her face...cut her nose and told the firemen that her hip and foot hurt...they decided to use the helicopter. The Read more

The idea is to land near her, carry her to the helo and load her inside, negating the need to hook her up to Mr Toad’s Wild Ride to begin with.
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I thought I was dead inside, but the longer the video went, the more the tech in the helicopter tried to hook the litter with his foot, the harder I laughed. Then they tried to pay out some rope to... what? I guess they didn’t want the patient/litter to hit the skids, so they let her down, which accelerated the spin, Read more

I highly recommend ContraPoints just in general. Read more

Natalie is a national treasure and should be revered accordingly. What amazes me about her is just how HARD she works to formulate the sort of videos that can genuinely change hearts and minds, all while remaining SO funny and entertaining.  Read more

I just recommended this further up in the comments. She’s fantastic. Read more

So weird - someone just mentioned this to me yesterday! Read more

I’d never seen that before; thank you--that was amazing.
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Contrapoints is amazing, and this video in particular is fantastic.  Natalie really does a great job both explaining them and having empathy for them without excusing them for their awful behavior. Read more

came here to see if anyone had posted this already, shes amazing Read more

I finally watched that after seeing it linked a thousand times. I think I'm in love. With the sea. Read more