And in the last 4 years, oil demand has gone up.

You forgot charging times, and charging infrastructure. It’s nice having the range, but if it still takes you a half a day to recharge and compatible charging stations are far and few between, it’s still a gas ruled world. Read more

You’ll be fine. Petroleum isn’t just gas for cars. Congrats on taking on a challenging degree. Keep your head up.

What has me really worried is the fallout that will happen when countries, I.e. The Middle East lose their number one export. It could be catastrophic. Read more

What? Unrest in the sandy countries? It’s been 1100 years and counting, they’ll keep muddling along in their barbaric fashion just with fewer Bugattis.

Have you considered a career in sexual lubricants? People will always need that!

And another big factor... Not take 8 hours for a charge. People want the freedom to road trip. Stopping for 10 minutes to top off your tank is still a big advantage of gas cars.

Totally did the M-80s in the pond. Bottle rocket wars. Shooting roman candles at your buddy’s car out of an open passenger window. Finding infinitely creative ways to blow up plastic army men. Once sawed off the caps from shotgun shells, poured the gunpowder into a dead stump and fused it. Stupid, stupid, fun, stupid.

Wow! I really got a bang out of that!

“If I were a 200 lb sack of assholes where would I hide?”

“Nice to see you, Jared, I’ll take the foot long!”

This guy needs to have the stupid violently beaten out of him.

The harbor Fright trailer lights is a nice touch!

Not nearly as often as asking him not to eat the lead paint chips from the wall.

wonder how many times people said that to

It’s really only a mid-afternoon job, when they are walking home from school. Read more

When you love SC’s but Opel GT’s are life........