Dak’kon’s entire arc still hits me as one of the best written characters and stories in a game. Holy smokes. That game definetly left an impression.

You seem nice! I didn’t re-enlist. I protested the Iraq war. I campaigned for Kerry. I quit the police force because it was full of small minded assholes, you know people like you. Frankly, you disgust me. You masquerade your bigotry and hate with veneer of liberal values. You are no better than the Trump Read more

I’m torn. I’m a veteran of the 1st Iraq Shit Show and the Cold War. I didn’t join out of patriotism, I was in a crappy small town and I wanted out. It worked. Being the military actually MADE me a Liberal. (Kind of hard to hate people for the color of their skin when you share a life with them, hard to hate Read more

The point of the article is that Rogue One demonstrates how one needn’t have magical powers or be the best pilot in the galaxy to make a difference. There’s a difference between saying people are incredibly good at what they do and saying they’re preternaturally gifted. Read more

I always thought “The Clone Wars” animated TV show did a better job of Anakin’s character than the prequels. It makes the eventual turn to the dark side seem less teenage angst and more a series of tragic events over years resulting in the eventual decline.

You are, of course, entirely correct that not everything is a lie. However, the media are, or at least should be, obliged to carry out a degree of due diligence on stories that they choose to report; the recent spate of “fake news” that has swamped the airwaves and internet with often malicious falsehoods is a strong Read more

Agreed. This reviews states something antithetical to the common consensus on Dishonored and it’s world, and then never offers evidence supporting this contrarian claim.

Reality is well known to have a heavy liberal bias.

I think the important thing for everyone to remember is that life is fucking messy and there are no sweeping, black-and-white answers that apply to entire classes of situations. Read more

Depends; does the byline count as a sentence?

I’m pretty sure FLCL is as good as anime gets. Maybe Cowboy Bebop too.

I was fully prepared to raise hell about the lack of mutant league football until your last paragraph.

I for one am glad that the man in charge of the rebellion at the moment isn’t giving the Empire a straight answer.

no one pays attention to source material anymore smh