Jul 8

For good reason, they are miserable to own. Mine was in the shop over a dozen times in the two years I owned it. Also good luck fitting in the seats if you’re shaped like a normal human. Happiest day of my life was the day I sold it.

Jul 8

20" crazy negative wheels - check
bald mud tires - check
sky high lift - check
enormous obnoxious exhaust - check
bushcracker flares - check
full time tow mirrors - check Read more

Jul 1

Wasnt that a legitimate awd performance sedan with a twin turboed v6 and a 5 speed? This is that bit companies do to bring a car close to being special but design it safe enough to keep it pretty boring and bland still

Jun 15

Oh yeah, even if we were just dealing with 300,000 dead, there would still be an economic nightmare. 

May 28

Hmmm, 400Z? That’s very close to Z4, are we sure this won’t also be a rebadged BMW? 

May 11

Wow, I’ve seen some REALLY stupid comments today but you might win the award for the dumbest. Congratulations.

Apr 27

This car is bastardized, you just have to know what to look for.

The fenders are rolled. A clear sign the car ran wider wheels at one point and I go as far to say the 350z wheels replaced those wheels just for the sell. There’s a Silvia badge on the hood, the RUCA are going to need to be replaced. The axles are fucked Read more

Apr 16

Just go buy a new Camry already and be happy with another trouble-free 15 years.

Mar 12

Then when you go to get a drink and you have to pull against a strong magnet and the sudden jolt causes your drink to go everywhere.

Mar 5

The whole point of this article was to say how hard it is to do just what you just asked for.

Mar 2

I kind of liked the old 5 lug setup they had going on. At the very least it made for an impression on just how good and highly trained the mechanics are. I suppose being a mechanic makes you appreciate that a little bit more. I kind of appreciated that little bit of extra difficulty those guys had and how awesome they Read more

Mar 2

I’d put her in the ‘first to arrive at a PTA meeting, but didn’t bring any snacks because that would be socialism’ category myself.

Feb 28

Not everything needs 300hp. My car has less than 300 hp and can more than scoot when I get on it. My wife’s car has ~150hp and rarely do I think it needs any more than that. Read more