Sep 25

Eye of the beholder and all, and I might be just a bit biased, but there’s no way that thing is better looking than this:

Sep 24

I am not even sure the problem is only the look with BMW nowadays. Read more

Sep 23

No. 2nd gen C/K-10 was the next high point.

Sep 23

Meh, what do you expect? Change for the sake of change....

Sep 23

See, that’s why I want a Mitsubishi mirage: I want people to think I have a massive hog

Sep 23

‘sup, bro? Let’s hang...

Sep 23

 They know who their target market is: Men with small penises.

Sep 22

Everyone ripped on the e60 5 series when it came out, but it’s proven to be a trend setter and has oddly aged really well (I still prefer the e39 myself, but I really appreciate the e60). Especially on the interior. Minus the archaic iDrive unit, the cabin is pretty similar to what’s being done currently. 

Sep 22

Adrian van Hooydonk makes Chris Bangle look like Michelangelo

Sep 17

It’s an absolutely phenomenal piece of equipment and the 992 is a tasteful evolution of a forever classic. But even if you have $200k, it’s simply not worth two 911 Carreras. If you have that kind of money, buy a Carrera S and a classic 356 Speedster and get double the Porsche magic.

Sep 16

Dude what are you smoking. I see similar elements that are retained (vertical door handles, cup holder placement, center arm rest design). Read more

Sep 16

Seeing the Z and the Supra side by side really makes it obvious that the Supra is a bit of an overwrought mess. The Z is refreshingly simple and straightforward. I don’t care if it is a heavily reworked 370z. I like it. 

Sep 15

If you’re willing to get something that’s not a Nissan, the closest car to the 240SX on sale at the moment is the twins.

Sep 15

Please don’t release it with that plain square grille Nissan... this took me 10 minutes, I’m sure it can be updated at this stage:

Sep 2

I spent the majority of my life living near a couple of the richest zip codes in the country. Rich people style comes in a few flavors:
Read more

Sep 1

Might as well call a crackhead for all the good the cops are gonna do.

Aug 27

I’m planning to sell/trade in the BRZ for something automatic and reliable that will short term be my winter car, and eventually be a daily. Read more

Aug 26

Buy it, drive it till it rusts in NYC, then sell it to david for profit!

Aug 26

Know it isn’t Tracy as it runs well nor is it falling apart, he would only want this if the body was swiss cheese or a pushrod had ejected out of the block(would likely still run better than his average Jeep).