May 25 2018

The old GOW games had pain and suffering as the driving force of EVERY character, Male or Female. Read more

May 25 2018

Cory Barlog said that a lot of people thought what you did, but the way he saw it was that Kratos killed her son, and family is one of the most important things in the story of this game. She was even ready to let Baldur kill her out of familial love, but Kratos interfered and killed him instead.
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May 24 2018

Im sorry, how was Freya the driving force of the plot in any way, shape or form? I was under the impression that the driving force of the plot was Kratos and Atreus going “See that mountain? We are going to climb it”. Read more

May 24 2018

I mean, they tend to use the pain of the male characters as a driving force too. Everyone gets to suffer in that world and damn do they suffer.

May 9 2018

Those are the nipples of a God. No man alone can be used as a reference. They probably had a huge contest and chose the top 100 strongest, manliest and sexiest man alive and fused all their nipples together to make the ultimate nipples. Or maybe it’s just Greg’s tits from the art department.

May 9 2018

I really loved when Atreus asked Mimir how he got his golden eyes and he explain that the giants gave them to him because he was a good friend of them and it was more conveniant than having a crystal he could lose. Atreus then ask if it hurt when they put them in and he says no because he was drunk. So drunk actually Read more

May 9 2018

I don’t want to live in a world without nipples. Especially since Kratos has the best nips around now. I would only drink Kratos milk if I could. I’d milk him like Luke milks a thala-siren if had to, just for his rage milk and fatherly disappointment.

May 9 2018
An Ode To Kratos’ Nipples<em></em>

Kratos’ magnificent beard has received a lot of attention. That’s fair enough - it is stately facial hair worthy of

May 8 2018

Just based off of the other comments I’m curious, am I the only one who enjoyed all of the reading in PoE 1? :o Read more

May 8 2018

“what it would be like if this game had Divinity: Original Sin 2's ingenious, significantly more versatile combat system.”

PoE is one of the best experiences i had with RPG in years. And I would have never played it, if it had turned based combat. Story, writing and aesthetics are the main reason I play games. I does Read more

May 3 2018

Chris’s addition to this article is exactly the reaction I had to that moment and that may be my favorite part of the way the game is written. It’s one of the first games where I feel like every thing you do that doesn’t make sense for Kratos to do gets explicitly commented on and is folded into the traits of each Read more

May 3 2018

Iv spent the last week just doing side quests and throwing the axe around back and forth. 10/10 would scream boy again

Mar 30 2018

This was instantly my first question after unlocking him as a companion and getting into a truck. WHY? It’s just dumb.

Mar 18 2018

How about fuck the parents who left a gun lying around or maybe even fuck the parents for not teaching the kid to not play with guns. This has nothing to do with the NRA. Read more

Mar 15 2018

I mean, the guy didn’t deserve to be stabbed and his girlfriend needs some serious help, but what the fuck is up with this dude? He sounds either profoundly weird or like someone who needs a serious slap in the face from reality.

Feb 22 2018

Apply to be a police officer. Seriously. I doubt you’d be able to do the job, but if you think it’s so easy, by all means. Do it. If you actually do of course you’ll very quickly realize it’s not as simply as you’re pretending it is with your ignorant and angry statements, but hey, let’s not let common sense get in Read more