Andre Vrignaud

There's a petition on the White House website that people could sign if they want: Read more

Well that unfortunately isn't an option for many areas with only one ISP that offers broadband, as mentioned in the "elephant in the room" portion in the article. For instance, I live in a town of about 30,000 and there is only one option in my neighborhood: Comcast. My only other choice for "broadband" would be DSL Read more

"If you decide to for instance as this article references, start downloading 40 gig games from steam every few weeks instead of ten. You have just quadrupled the cost you normally represent." Read more

I'm not suggesting that Kotaku is the only site worrying about net neutrality, but I am going to give them credit for giving me and Andre the opportunity to put this massive article on their site to try and give people a heads up about what is going on. Winning this one is going to have to be a team effort, so no one Read more

+1, and I'd say kudos to Kotaku for taking the lead on this Read more

Why do I feel like we just fell behind in innovative technology by several decades?

...Isn't corporate greed wonderful? Read more