Oct 30

Where’s Greef Karga when you need him? “I, too, sometimes find our friend unpalatable.” 

Oct 29

I read a lot of comic books when I was in middle school and high school and then I stopped. Occasionally I’ll pick one up now and thumb through it. The main thing that stands out for me is that I’ve gotten older, but the characters have stayed the same age. 

Oct 2

Bush committed war crimes, which are governed by international law. They are also something which Presidents have been committing routinely for probably as long as they have been a concept the world agreed should exist, but the United States wields such outsized power that it both does not respect international law Read more

Sep 15

I mean fuck, My wife is already thinking about him when we have sex. Now she isn’t just picturing his perfect chest or beautiful face but also his perfect dick. If he truly was a saint he would leak a picture of his ugly ugly asshole so we other men at least have one thing going. Who am I kidding, his asshole is Read more

Sep 13

I was laughing really hard at this. And my wife - Lucy - was horrified. Then when Deep sobs, “Lucy...” I started laughing at Whale Lucy again and Real Lucy got real mad at me.

Sep 2

Hey, look, it’s mostly people with the underlying condition of being attracted by gravitational forces who are affected by falling out of windows.

Aug 28

They should just flip it and let Scully be the hero she always was/should have been. Every week, she has to talk her dipshit partner out of birtherism or the anti-vax movement. And he’s always wrong, but he never learns his lesson. Read more

Aug 28

Trans people, of course, famously taking advantage of society’s permissive attitude toward them.

Aug 25

As an ethical stance about not letting writers harm themselves to produce reviews, it would carry more weight if it had been consistently applied over the years. Everyone has been happy to look the other way while critics were using PEDs to slam out reviews as we cheered them on. You think Ignatiy knocks out Read more

Nov 17 2019

“It’s hilarious to think about what must have happened in 1963 to so fully and suddenly transform our leads into whole new people.” Read more

Dec 18 2017

My two cents: there is no such thing as a Nazi sympathizer. If you have a group of people consisting of one Nazi and six of his sympathizers, what you have is seven Nazis.