Oct 4

This is terrific. Thank you for sharing your considerable insight. My compliments on your expressive ability as well.

Aug 30

Me too! Car watching is definitely not my thing but as this episode went on I found myself more and more noticing and ruminating on the parade of amazing vintage cars.

Jan 23 2020

Zack, I’m super happy to see you here. No other AV Club writer would be as right for this show. Here’s hoping the viewing experience can match or even transcend the anticipation. Read more

Dec 19 2019

That’s just the right reference when you’re pitching a show for kids!

Nov 22 2019

Oh, man, I shot Marvin in the face!

Aug 31 2019

Doesn’t that whole routine seem like the most prescient thing now? Cosby’s reputation is deservedly in the shitter now and Pryor is still canonized.

Aug 30 2019

The Kirov is the one I keep and play every year, starting around Halloween. It’s about perfect.

Aug 8 2019

This was legitimately hilarious and I’m a little sad Lee didn’t actually write it himself, but thanks for bothering to research and sharing the results.

Jun 30 2019

I saw the original Robocop at the theater on my 17th birthday. The woman selling tickets actually said ‘Happy Birthday’ when I handed over my ID. Read more

Jun 29 2019

This. I can’t believe how far down in the comments I had to dig to find “The Contest”. This is the easy choice for me. Read more