12/15/19 2:08AM

Actually the X-Wings did not fire until they perceived a threat: “Looks like they’re launching a gunship” were Filoni’s words before they moved in to attack Read more

12/02/19 2:58PM

What irks me is the absolute and total disrespect for a police officer who, instead of being home with family and enjoying a meal and a football game, is patrolling his little town...” Read more

12/02/19 1:26PM

i believe wilbur ordered the coffee but there isn’t enough room on the label for “some pig” so the computer shortened it.  calm down, everyone.

12/01/19 4:18PM

I sympathize with his mental health struggles, truly, I do. However, if you are very sensitive to opinions about your work and life, maybe being a famous stand-up comedian who publicly dates very famous women is not the right life for you.

12/01/19 4:15PM

If I was the court-goin’ sort of lawyer, I would rep NDA breakers pro bono. Instead, I’m the one drafting the NDAs and all the other lawyers and I joke about how they’re often pointless.

11/20/19 1:12PM

So maybe the better question is, has Uber also helped decrease DUI’s?

11/19/19 11:28PM

In avclubs recap of sunday’s episode, it was claimed to be mars by the person who watched the episode. Read more

11/18/19 10:25PM

its a prequel *slap* it’s a sequel *slap* its a prequel *slap* it’s a sequel *slap* it’s a prequel AND a sequel!!!!!

11/18/19 4:52PM

You guys got it all wrong. Lube Man isn’t Petey. Lube Man is actually Dancing Pumpkin Man from Omaha.

11/18/19 9:36AM

“I think you remember me and my country. I think you remember us as long as you live!” Read more

11/18/19 2:58AM

Oxymandius now comes in convenient capsule form, so you can relive your stupid typos forever and ever!

11/18/19 1:11AM

But the video, if it was accurate, was being recorded by Veidt the day before Squidfall. So he would have been, at that moment, at the height of his hubristic arrogance, as his plan was just about to fall into place. Read more

11/18/19 12:40AM

found this little nugget in the new peteypedia entries from a Petey memo about the Minutemen TV show covering Silk Spectre’s backstory: Read more

11/17/19 10:57PM

Veidt isn’t orbiting Mars.  He’s on one of the moons of Jupiter, probably Io, Europa, or Callisto.