11/23/19 11:04AM

Everyone in this parsec knows a proper Mandalorian salute is the jerk-off motion. 

11/20/19 4:16PM

I tried to watch the second austin powers this past weekend. God, it's awful. There are a few jokes that land, but most of it is really lazy, dated jokes.

11/13/19 5:08AM

The mask is necessary after Pedro took method acting a bit too far in the head crunch scene in GOT

10/29/19 9:53PM

When he was still writing often for Seriouseats, Kenji mentioned that cook times is a huge focus on recipe publication, and they're encouraged to embellish those numbers. 

10/29/19 9:49PM

It’s not really a smugness I get from them, but more like they’re trying to squeeze out every last penny from me. I subscribe to cook’s illustrated, and they had mention of a video you could see on their site. I tried, but you need to pay an additional fee for online access.

8/26/19 7:40PM

I wouldn’t say easiest (there’s good and bad scrambled eggs), but its how I started cooking as a kid. There’s a lot of simple options, and they’re all low cost ingredients, so if you mess up, just do it again. 

7/08/19 8:48PM

I can’t say that the film holds up to when I would watch it as a kid, but the music is still as fantastic as ever. I play the soundtrack at least once a month.

6/20/19 5:36AM

End of my second year in college, I was living on campus, all my meal plan points were used up, and while I had gotten my paycheck, I hadn’t deposited it and had less than $10. My friends had gone home for the weekend, and all I had in my dorm room was hot chocolate mix. So for 2 meals that weekend, I ate dry cocoa Read more

6/04/19 2:41PM

I enjoyed the in-joke of the installer guy (first guy to die) trying to impress by saying he knows someone and could get tickets to the Broad. Since the Broad is free. I'm sure there were other art world jokes that I completely missed, but that one I liked.

5/25/19 8:58PM

It’s a helping verb in this context. So yes, you’re technically correct (the best kind of correct), but there should still be another verb there.

4/20/19 12:57PM

Bmagna causa, as per serious eats. Garlic anchovy butter. Its amazing.

4/08/19 6:49PM

I fail to see how that’s even a joke. They sound like shit people. If it was a completely obscure ingredient or something that a clear fault presented as a new style, I get it. This just comes off as thinking they’re better than everyone else. Read more

3/07/19 5:06AM

Yes. The pairing of apple and brie is well known for its deliciousness.

2/12/19 4:13AM

Not sure what country you’re in, but I’ve found the opposite to be true in every other country I’ve visited. Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, etc... will all just leave you alone, and you have to flag down the waiter to pay. Since they’re not paid by tips, they aren’t trying to push you out for the next diner. I've Read more