Oct 20

Cybertruck isn’t targeting the same market. This is a luxury offroad barge more comparable to Rivian’s offerings. Cybertruck is intended to be closer to an electric F150.

Oct 20

But Cybertruck dual motor supposedly will start at $49k and have Tesla’s charging network. Top of the range Cybertruck will be $69k. I sincerely doubt this will do anything to Cybertruck sales. 

Oct 14

Yes, I was thinking 12th gen or whatever Eldorado, too! But the Eldo has an almost vertical C-pillar line. Proportions and other bits sort of match, though...

Oct 9

Love how this site has lost so many staffers that a huge chunk of the “staffers” contributing to this roast aren’t even current members of staff.

Oct 9

Will the last blogger out the door turn off the lights?

Oct 5

As a long-time reader of Jalopnik, well over 10 years, and a loyal fan to a fault, it pains me to say this but the fact of the matter is...Jalopnik is no longer viewed as a media entity worth responding to by Tesla or any other major manufacturer. It surprises me that so many articles here point out that “I’ve reached Read more

Sep 29

lol, can any writer on this website actually make a decent fucking decision on their cars/bikes? Just blinding and predictable incompetence all around except for maybe Andrew. Read more

Sep 1

$1500 for a 3090 is more than I can afford for my next build, but $700 for a 3080? I can swing that.

Aug 29

It’s really not. I mean, he may be overpromising in terms of time, but the theory and practice of it is hardly unique to him or Neuralink. There’s lots of research going on with stuff like this, or with things like embedding chips to control a robotic replacement for a missing limb, for instance.

Aug 11

Good point. I use my ipad to draw and fuck around with some music apps. I’ve been thinking about moving to an android tab but I guess I just assumed all the apps I use would be available. Plus I’d be pissed if Android get late updates to the apps I want to use.

Jul 27

I don’t see how anybody can compete with iPad at all at this point. Android is just not an enjoyable tablet OS, and I don’t see it EVER being one given how all the Android-centric manufacturers have given up on Android tablets. Then there’s Windows... which also is not a very enjoyable tablet OS, but for entirely Read more

Jul 20

I can see how the tracker would be more useful to owners of a different dog! Daisy... who is snoozing on my lap right now... is definitely not the ideal dog for this.

Jul 15

I feel like this argument is a deflection. Everything in it is correct- however, Viacom didn’t (or at lease didn’t say) they fired him because of the anti-white shit. It was because of the antisemitism. And that isn’t just words, that’s stuff that actively hurts and provokes violence against Jewish people. Read more

Jun 2

Eleanor’s likeness is also trademarked, so they do have to defend it. Taking a shot in the dark, I assume the company threatened to sue. And instead of fighting it in court, they settled out of court and part of the settlement was the Car being surrendered. Just a guess, and I’m not a lawyer