Jul 27

I don’t see how anybody can compete with iPad at all at this point. Android is just not an enjoyable tablet OS, and I don’t see it EVER being one given how all the Android-centric manufacturers have given up on Android tablets. Then there’s Windows... which also is not a very enjoyable tablet OS, but for entirely Read more

Jul 20

I can see how the tracker would be more useful to owners of a different dog! Daisy... who is snoozing on my lap right now... is definitely not the ideal dog for this.

Jul 15

I feel like this argument is a deflection. Everything in it is correct- however, Viacom didn’t (or at lease didn’t say) they fired him because of the anti-white shit. It was because of the antisemitism. And that isn’t just words, that’s stuff that actively hurts and provokes violence against Jewish people. Read more

Jun 2

Eleanor’s likeness is also trademarked, so they do have to defend it. Taking a shot in the dark, I assume the company threatened to sue. And instead of fighting it in court, they settled out of court and part of the settlement was the Car being surrendered. Just a guess, and I’m not a lawyer

May 27

Trump tweets random things all the time. Picking one tweet as if it means anything, and ignoring what Trump’s administration has been actually doing, seems absurd.

May 10

I saw a comment speculating that his plan might be to get the mounts, electronics, and other big pieces sorted on this car and then move all of that to a road-legal car later on.

May 9

Not sure if you are just being specious, but if you paid any attention to any of their financial statements, every quarter there are many cars in transit. It’s not like as soon as a car rolls out the factory, the cars teleport over to their owners, especially those outside of the US. And in Q1 2020 they made more Read more

Apr 29

Q4 of 2019 was good to Tesla, as it began deliveries of the long-awaited Model Y, which continued unabated into Q1 of 2020. Read more

Apr 24

I support Victoria for speaking her mind, but I cannot support this take.
Dark mode is where it’s at. 

Apr 8

“Perfect Storm”—- Ohhhkk. Whatever you want to call your cleavage. Good on her for keeping up the momentum, but a spade is a spade.

I’m officially too old to “get” streamer culture. Like I get it, but I don’t “get” it. 

Apr 8

Attractive person has a viral hit on a social media platform, news at 11.

Apr 6

That is an interesting point. My guess is that car games deal directly in the performance of said cars, so maybe it’s more akin to putting a real life person in a game without their consent?

Mar 31

And for that, she is now dead to us.

Mar 29

Not bad, but the changed ending is an anticlimax that removes the best parts of the original scene — Katara’s amazing takedown of Azula and Azula’s heartrending emotional breakdown afterward (although I don’t know if this actress, even though she was fairly good, could’ve played it as magnificently as Grey DeLisle Read more

Mar 19

Ours has kicked in a couple times (when I didn’t want or need it to). Hope this doesn’t make it more active.

Feb 26

no no No NO! this is how we get fringe case idiots driving on studs in hot weather and I FUCKING HATE THAT NOISE Read more

Feb 21

The first like 200,000 were super low cost,” he said, but things went up dramatically from there. Read more

Feb 15

“Hey honey, you know, there’s this section of 101 where my Tesla’s autopilot likes to aim for the median. It’s done it several times, but Tesla said they couldn’t replicate it. I guess I’ll continue to use autopilot anyway. What could go wrong?” Read more