2:58 AM

I know we all dislike Musk as a person... but imagine the implications for free speech in America: every time you call someone a shitty name on the internet... you could immediately be sued and be financially ruined.  That’s not consistent with free speech in a modern democracy.

6:24 PM

Why are you shocked? Unsworthy made an insult first and provoked Musk into insulting back. You can’t provoke a person with an insult then sue them. Read more

3:49 PM

Its a website where the weak and the mistreads of life can feel safe. Yet these same weak people hate the police that protect them from becoming victims.

10:00 AM

As the owner of a Ring doorbell in a city with police partnership, I don’t see what the big deal here is, Adam. I do live in a fairly liberal city with a, typically, well behaved police force, though. The one time footage was requested, so far, I declined because it was obvious I didn’t catch anything worth while. I Read more

10:00 AM

If it was merely to keep miscreants from pilfering packages from my porch and telling solicitors to fuck off, I see little issue using the footage to convict the thieves. I’d gladly share the data/footage as long as it’s solely my choice or of course as a result of a warrant. I mean, who wants thefts going unanswered Read more

9:38 AM

The whole point of ring is security. Very few people who own one are worried that the police get the footage. Should they improve their data security? Absolutely. But that’s always going to be a moving target. And the Neighbors bit is also a huge selling point. You are warning people away from the things they actually Read more

3:45 PM

I have one of those I use when I camp - I call it “put the goddamned logs on the ground” Read more

I have one of those I use when I camp - I call it “put the goddamned logs on the ground”

9:34 AM

Honestly that is kind of a tough choice when you figure that twice the price get you less than Half a second in the quarter mile and .007 seconds to 60 the latter of which is utterly meaningless

10:07 PM

Let me save everyone some time. Conclusions - traction control on: Audi slightly better. Traction control off: Audi more sloppy than the others. Trade-offs abound, and no real standout winner.

You’re welcome.

8:23 PM

You’re seriously arguing there’s nothing unfair about not re-attaching the tires to a car before giving it back to the customer? That is really your position here?

10:14 AM

Are you saying my coworker didn’t buy the $35,000 standard Model 3 a couple weeks ago, by calling? Read more

9:42 PM

Incorrect on the pricing there. $1800 is the MCU, the eMMC chip itself is relatively inexpensive that’s why the 3rd party guys can do the repair for $399.

8:39 PM

I mean, this is obviously a large oversight but “worst case scenario... coming to fruition” seems a little hyperbolic. Lots of mechanical errors “brick” conventional cars and render them unusable - we’re talking about a faulty storage device here.

8:36 PM

I’m far from a Tesla enthusiast, but unless this is impossible or insanely expensive to fix (the Business Insider piece, in typical Business Insider style, gives no hint of what the repair cost might be), I’m not sure why this is a big deal. Cars have parts that wear out with time and use and require replacement. Read more