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I understand your argument that it’s a small amount of money for the company. I think the problem might be that, if they pay them more than is obligated in the contract, it could invalidate the contract. If the contract isn’t enforced at this time, then when something really egregious happens, the UAW can say Read more

12:43 PM

Imagine the situation, the J10 drivetrain has a catastrohpic failure, so the Changli tows it, but as it has a limited range AND the J10 engine is still chugging along, they jerry rig a couple of jumper cables to charge the 12v lead acid batteries from the chang li with the J10's running engine WHILE towing it.

2:51 PM

Unfortunately, not wearing masks is becoming much more common in my area (Western Canada).  In fact those who do wear masks are in the minute minority (less than 10 %) and looked down upon.  I’m not proud of my area.

1:00 PM

All the commentators - as deliciously detached as they are from the general public and reality - have been saying “obviously” and “it is already underway worse that you can imagine” for equally long.

12:36 PM

We oppose the non-consensual withholding of care or treatment from people with disabilities, including newborns, the elderly, and infirm, just as we oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide, which endanger especially those on the margins of society.”

5:37 AM

I changed this £3 inlet manifold gasket on the Elise:

4:38 AM

So this thing had a respray and basically all the maintenance done. It’s fought me every single step of the way:

10:06 PM

Well. I decided to get this road worthy (that’s Mrs LittleBlue6 in the driver’s seat) by rebuilding the carbs and replacing the fuel tank. Can you guess where my username came from?

5:33 PM

Not wrenching... rather restoring vintage electronics. All tube powered radios from the 50's-60's. Most now custom painted with bluetooth. These are for a local museum O volunteer at.

5:12 PM

Getting the motor assembled and back in the Alfa spider. It’s been down for an embarrassing two years due to the birth of a child and a house move/renovation, but things are finally starting to progress. Target is beginning of June for motor in and running and driving in July.

5:04 PM

I decided it was time to do more stock-looking wheels for my ‘68 Cutlass, but I wanted something a little special. I got a set for SuperStock III wheels from a ‘72 for $75. First, I had them media blasted, then I took them to an old school welding shop and had the back two wheels widened by an inch. Then I had them

11:46 AM

Ah, yes, the virtues of unpaid leave! Good thing we don’t live in a country where 78% of its workers live check to check. That would really make unpaid leave seem like a false choice, and something that anyone with a functioning brain would see as “bad”.

11:10 AM

It’s not as thought OEM’s are selling MORE trucks than any normal time, it’s just that they are selling MORE than anything else right now.  There won’t be a glut of trucks any more than there is any other time.

11:00 AM

“From vintage supercars to modern jet fighters, Jalopnik is obsessed with the cult of cars and everything that moves you – tanks, bikes, and planes, with the exception of trucks and anything GM.

10:45 AM

We get it. You don’t like trucks. In a little over a month, you have posted three articles implying trucks are terrible. Don’t buy one.

In the midwest (which exists even though it’s not New York or Los Angeles), people drive trucks instead of SUVs and sedans. They can be just as luxurious as either of those, ride Read more

10:38 AM

Erik, first gear hit home! I just bought a RAM 1500 from Stew Hansen’s. My wife and I were honing in on the Kia Telluride or a RAM as our next purchase but demand has kept Telluride prices high and inventory limited. The other option was to get a truck since we are always needing to haul stuff to the dump, bring the Read more