Auto Guy
Jan 19

This. Off road and on road diesel are different colors as well, but I bet very few people ever had their tanks checked. The off road stuff is reddish to indicate tax hasn’t been paid.

Jan 19

It wasn’t exactly “no tax”. They just cheated. They would fill their 250 gallon tanks on the farm and claim it was all for non-highway agricultural use. Then fill the tanks of their cars. It was illegal but I doubt many were actually prosecuted for it. Just because you were a farmer did  not exempt you from road use Read more

Jan 8

reduced lateral rigidity by 25 percent”


Dec 31

Bruh. This shit ain’t changing. A few weeks ago, I decided to do a little gag as a joke, when the President of the United States started openly undermining free and fair elections. Read more

Dec 28

Motherfucker, PLEASE. The book isn’t anti-autonomous cars at all. I fucking WISH writing anti-Tesla articles made one tiny bit of difference on book sales. It doesn’t. And I’m not anti-Tesla. But if this is your reaction to this story, perhaps you should seek out your clergyperson or a trusted relative. Maybe a Read more

Dec 3

1st Gear: I think we can cut Mary Barra some slack here. Her job is to advocate for what’s good for GM, period. She is going to saddle up with whoever is in office out of sheer pragmatism. Read more