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11:51 AM

It looks like they’re playing both episodes tonight starting at 9pm, and you can also watch it on the OWN app whenever.

11:56 AM

I had a cat for 5 years who I loved, and who then died of cancer, which was awful. I settled into a life of being aunt to my roommates’ cats, who are all charming and lovable, and who I only rarely have to feed or clean up after.

A few months ago, an ex-roommate’s cat was foisted upon me when he moved out of the

9:48 PM

This is my roommate’s cat Jarvis. I don’t feed him or anything, but we’re best friends. Some cats are just nice.

12:58 PM

I agree that race is a fiction, but people really do treat others differently based on appearance, so it can get complicated. Even though my mother is not white, I look and act like a middle-class white person and am treated as a middle-class white person, so, while I am very proud of my heritage and I take it Read more

5:25 PM

My mom knew that on an intellectual level, but it never really hit her personally until she saw the DNA results.

4:44 PM

My Black and Mexican mom married a mostly Welsh guy and then a mostly Irish guy and had 2 kids by each. We aren’t quite as dramatically different as those twins, but no one would guess I’m anything but (probably Northern) European just by looking at me and my coloring, while my older brother definitely looks like he Read more

4:30 PM

We used AncestryDNA (which is from Ancestry.com). We have indigenous Mexican roots, too (and my Euro great-grandfather was disowned by his father for marrying an indigenous woman), but we also have a Portugese last name, and we only in the last few years found out that my great-great-(great?)-grandfather came to Read more

1:57 PM

My mom, who identifies as Black and Mexican, recently got her DNA analyzed and found a surprising amount of British DNA. We know the black side of our family comes from Georgia and Louisiana (and also Nigeria and Senegal it turns out), but finding that British ancestry kind of shocked her into thinking about slavery Read more

5:30 PM

I’ve been baking pies since I was about 12 (starting with the pumpkin pie recipe from the Libby’s can and the pecan pie recipe from the Karo syrup bottle), and it was only last Saturday (I’m 39 now) that I first made a really good pie crust from scratch. No shame in the frozen pie crust game.