Aug 15 2017

“Bwaah” = Low Brass swell
“Booj” = Heavy Subbass synth sweep

Aug 15 2017

Fair point by several yards. I now realize I was implying those terms’ usage here meant that they came from somewhere else. I’ve done various levels of IT support throughout my career, some of it in Academia where nothing gets you a cold shoulder faster than making academics feel like you know something they don’t. Read more

Aug 15 2017

This is pretty phenomenal and has pretty much usurped the actual version of Kylo Ren in my mind.


Aug 15 2017

Nope Auralnauts are a comedy channel and their main thing has been a long-running abridged Star Wars series which is just the best.

Aug 9 2017

I did play through it, and saw none of that. Every bit of text thrown at you regarding the plot in NMS, after interacting with an artifact, was shrouded in the kind of intentional vagueness that you see when you’re writing a draft, but decide to submit it as the final paper anyway.

Aug 12 2016

Don’t know what he was so angry about. It’s not like it was Stannis.

May 31 2016

I think you misunderstood. This guy threatening your life is actually a sincere cry out for a discussion about ethics in gaming journalism.

Nov 4 2015

I think The Phantom Menace might be my favorite of the prequels simply because of two reasons: 1) Liam Neeson is injects a lot of heart into every line he delivers, giving a lot more personality and soul to that movie, and 2) There’s a lot more practical locations and effects than the other two prequels. They go to a Read more

Sep 16 2015

Less incentive to farm is a good thing! Why would you want to grind daily/weekly heroics every week? Hopefully Bungie takes advantage of the quest system and uses it to keep adding new stuff so there are always cool things to do and there’s zero reason to do any repetitive grinding.