Jun 28 2019

Yeah, the hamburger bun is the only part I’m having a hard time with here. The ricotta and jam part? Delicious. Hamburger bun? Dry and boring. A bagel or brioche roll would have been better. 

Jun 28 2019

If it had been an english muffin, scone, crumpet, brioche, or toast I’d be more ok with it. Read more

Jan 28 2019

That NYT Bikini article you referenced is next level. Before I even clicked on it I knew which bikini it was. There’s enough twists and turns in that story for it to be a movie.

Jan 28 2019

Who wouldn’t want Megan Mullaly to rock one of their dresses on camera???

Jan 25 2019

I don’t think you could have a prouder moment than turning yourself in because you fraudulently obtained some medicine for a poor and sick child.

Jan 10 2019

He IS Trump’s nemesis BECAUSE he’s so much richer than Trump. He’s a legit billionaire. Trump is not. Trump is jealous of anyone with more money than him. Trump is jealous of Bezos, has always been jealous of Bezos, and he’s brought up x-million different ways he wants to punish Amazon and the Washington Post purely Read more

Jan 5 2019

Are we all really taking the stance that unsolicited kissing/fondling of the breasts without prior consent would be okay if she was a confirmed adult? Because I’m over 40, and will punch you in the fucking face—if not lower.

Dec 21 2018

Dear girls: you are under no obligation to be nice to someone who creeps you out. You do not need to date a guy just because he says you're the love of his life. And you do not have to "give him a chance".

Dec 20 2018

So hold on, a girl who is trafficked and preyed upon, forced in prostitution, kills a man who picks her up, is given over 50 years, but a grown ass man killing his girlfriend, pouring bleach on her, and not calling 911 until she’s definitely dead only gets 3 years? Yeah, I can definitely see how he’s more capable of Read more

Dec 20 2018

Days later, both the victim and the receiver of the files were called by Amazon to discuss the incident. Both were reportedly called three days after c’t magazine contacted Amazon about the matter. An Amazon representative reportedly told them that one of their staff members had made a one-time error. Read more

Dec 14 2018

Or just Google the terms/phrases you don’t understand, you grumpy smurf lol.

Dec 13 2018

I get the impression Sarah Summers spent a lot of high school gym class throwing tampons in the shower at bullied girls. I also get the impression that her mother told the school administration officials that everyone is just jealous of her daughter, which is the REAL problem!