Yesterday 10:35AM

Yeah, I get the “make lemonade out of lemons” thing, but if someone has shown me that they aren’t handling their own stuff properly, why would I trust that person in regard to my stuff? Literally that would be the last person I would look to for advice.

Yesterday 4:19AM

I’d try it. And it’s easy. Just throw a bunch of ugly ‘Merican shit together with absolutely no regard for design or aesthetic.

Thursday 6:55PM

I haven’t, but I seriously thought about doing the same thing for the racists and misogynists who make up the GQP. Lots of Blue lives matter stuff and those dumb flags with the profits going to Black Lives Matter, God & Guns “Christian” merch with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood and gun law groups, Q gear that Read more

Thursday 4:33PM

Hold onto to that righteous ageism. It should puff you up nicely until time hits you. (Should you be so blessed.)

Thursday 11:28AM

Do you want to put chemicals in your hair signed off on by this imbecile? Jesus H Christ. Stupidity should not be a selling point! Read more

Thursday 11:16AM

We’re talking about a chunk of the population that has become fully unmoored from reality a this point. I grew up in Alabama, and moved the hell out of there the moment I graduated college, pivotally because of how race is handled in those parts (I’m white.) But the delusion that everything is just fine down South and Read more

Thursday 9:58AM

I mean you could play this for the vast majority of the unseasoned food eating, Fox News watching, Brett Favre jersey wearing dumb ass Wypipo and they’d still swear on their Toby Keith CD’s that it was a doctored clip. Again if you ask these fuckers what is there to object to about CRT the answers range from, “You’re Read more

Tuesday 6:47PM

Yea that was Felice’s point and its one I agree with. I was also pointing out that LMM thought he had covered it and in his own words “he missed the mark”. Read more

Tuesday 1:11PM

Yeah, I’ve always been leftie, but when I hit my fifties and particularly now I’m staring down the barrel of the big 6-0 (fuuuuuck!), I’ve shifted so far I’m half expecting an email from Noam Chomsky saying, “dial it back, dude.” Read more

Tuesday 1:06PM

I’m quite happy that I’ve gotten fatter in my middle age but more progressive. If the trade is a belly over being conservative, I’ll keep the belly. 

Tuesday 11:58AM

Now, back to LMM, his Disney-fied self can get forgotten real quickly, just as quickly as he was called a genius not so long ago Read more

Tuesday 11:48AM

Super anecdotal, but a lot of my friends are getting more liberal as they age, so hopefully the tide will turn. Bush, McConnell, and Trump have made it really difficult for an intelligent, empathetic person not to move further to the left.

Tuesday 11:44AM

It’ very nit-picky. We scream about representation, and when someone does it, it still isn’t good enough and then we shit on the people who are on our side. 

Tuesday 11:31AM

Yeah, sure ok. I mean, your objection is duly noted but I don’t think Lin Manual Miranda’s career trajectory is in peril despite the crying of various people who have nothing better to do then complain about everything

Tuesday 11:28AM

Thankfully younger Cuban Americans aren’t as conservative as their parents and grandparents. They are trending towards the Dems over the years.

Tuesday 11:23AM

“For centuries darker-skinned Afro-Latinx people have been erased from Latinidad, but we will be forgotten no more. We are tired of being maids and background dancers and will continue to push back until we are seen and heard. Indeed, Lin Manuel Miranda ‘fell short.’” Read more

Tuesday 10:52AM

She raised a valid point, but... yeah. At least adopt a “wait and see” stance. Don’t re-condemn someone off an apology. Call them out again if they FAIL again. This is just putting the cancellation before the horse.

Tuesday 9:33AM

LMM has done more to promote minorities on stage and screen than anyone else in the last dozen years or so. Too fucking bad if there’s not enough of a particular minority featured in “In the Heights” - he shouldn’t have to apologize for shit.