Yesterday 12:04PM

In the past, that’s definitely been true, that white people have gotten more conservative as they’ve aged. But millenials and much of gen x has gone the exact opposite way, becoming more liberal/socialist as they age because of the sins of their parents’ generations. So now it’s sharply one way or the other - way Read more

Tuesday 3:23PM

What I want to know is how they time-travelled back to the 50s without the waverider,

6/13/21 6:54PM

Right?!?! I thought that whole storyline was stupid. He spent the early seasons wishing he had powers, he thought it was the coolest thing in the world when he got them, and then all of a sudden he takes the cure for literally no good reason and 5 seconds later he becomes Mecha-Vibe. It makes no sense whatsoever.

6/13/21 6:43PM

And GOLD BARS! There were literally gold bars in that net with the jewels. She was going to cave people’s heads in!

6/13/21 6:41PM

She is also a photographer. That’s literally everything.

6/13/21 6:37PM

Ok, so whilst I agree with her in principle, this was a bad plan. Team Flash was not only right about people beating the shit out of each other for the money, but also, dropping gold bars and giant jewels from a blimp is going to kill people on the ground. When they showed that giant net full of gold bars and jewels Read more

6/02/21 9:34PM

Tom Ellis can be inducted into the Tatiana Maslany Hall of Fame with this performance, as I too forgot he played them both, several times.

6/02/21 8:42PM

Well, he’s the chief of the fire department so there’s got to be some leadership qualities going on.

6/02/21 8:40PM

I don’t even think they know there’s a new multiverse yet, full stop. They think the multiverse is gone-gone.

6/02/21 6:35PM

In the UK the writer of this article would be sued for libel and they’d win easily.

5/31/21 7:23PM

Ha! Just rewatched with my husband and didn’t catch this joke the first time around: toward the end, the DOD guy says to Superman, “so this guy came back from the dead to kill you” and Supes says, “wouldn’t be the first time”. He’s referring to Lex, who did come back from the dead and try to kill him. And on top of Read more

5/30/21 5:35PM

Dee Bradley Baker is also one of the most prolific voice actors out there. Look at his IMDB page and you’ll find at least 10-20 shows you love. He’s also the guy you go to when you need animal sounds — he voiced Appa and Momo on Avatar the Last Airbender. Plus, one more fun fact, he voiced Olmec the stone head on Read more

5/26/21 3:22PM

This episode was bad and the arc was bad. And everytime someone says the word “lightning rod” in relation to Iris I cringe myself inside out.
I miss when this show was good.

5/25/21 8:06PM

Ha! I’d hoped you’d resurrect it for this one. SPORTS ANALOGIES!

5/17/21 5:52PM

This episode had very Buffy ‘Fear, Itself’ Gachnar vibes with the little alien being stepped on by Mick.
Read more

5/16/21 4:21PM

I mean... this show was a fine way to kill a few hours when there’s not a whole lot of new things on TV, but it wasn’t great. Honestly, I was much more interested in the scenes set in the past than the present - I found them way more interesting. That doesn’t say a whole lot for the show, though, does it?

4/12/21 7:41PM

Am I the only one who cringes when Iris and Barry talk about her being his “lightning rod”? I literally blecchhhhh every time.