May 26 2016

Cats is really... Random. It’s an experience, to be sure, but it’s largely boring and it’s one of Weber’s most mediocre pieces (which says a lot). I would vote Beautiful.

May 25 2016

You are not. Usually I puke, then my eyes focus on whatever level of filth my toilet is currently at and I realize my face is only 8" away or so and I barf again. Every damned time, even if I scrubbed the toilet earlier that day, doesn’t matter. Barfing in the toilet makes me barf, like magic. (And I have a chronic Read more

May 23 2016

My money is on Iheartradio paying them, but that doesn’t make their posts any less gross or that relationship any more real.

May 20 2016

Sorry for your experience. When I was 8 and we we’re driving biome from Disneyworld, I made us stay at Pedro’s South of The Border because I heard it was fun. Read more

May 13 2016

To be fair, in families the baby of the family is always seen as the baby. I’m 33 and my dad looks at me and sees me as a 6 year old. My brother? I’m perpetually 10 years old to him. Like, he gets that I’m an adult but if he were told to give people a mental image of what I look like, I’m 10 and he’s kicking my butt Read more

Apr 28 2016

I can’t get over the fact that they hired models to wear the clothes. WTF?! “We’ve got access to the most athletic and beautiful human bodies on the planet. Let’s hire some outside talent with really hollow cheeks.”

Apr 28 2016

I’m still continually impressed that the Rio Olympics are a thing that is still happening. Despite the complete and utter unpreparedness of Rio which includes not just a lack of facilties but a failure to clean up polluted areas the atheletes will be forced to compete in. Added to the high crime rates of Rio and the Read more

Apr 28 2016

Right? I mean, when a thin, athletic woman looks weird in shorts, there is something wrong. It gives her some strange shape that makes no sense when you look at the size of her legs.

Apr 28 2016

I had completely forgotten about Ryan Lochte. Jeah! Super excited for Rio now! Jeah Jeah!

Apr 16 2016

I’m in the same boat - hypothyroid, thinning hair/eyebrows and middle aged. I’m not being as careful as I should be at the moment, but there are a few things that have helped me. I still need to get motivated, though, so I’m watching what other people suggest.
Read more

Mar 29 2016

I recently sat behind Scheana and Shay on a flight. She’s pretty bad in real life. I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Read more

Feb 17 2016

He's the bipolar kid who is getting his MFA at your college who asks too many questions in class, has weird final submissions, and also makes you worry about your safety.

Feb 5 2016

Don’t worry, I’m putting together a play-date for you and all the other boring pedants so that you can put each other to sleep and let the rest of us fucking live.

Jan 25 2016

#NotallOCpeople But lots. Last time I was down there, the guys at the next table at a diner were talking about “Obummer” and it went downhill from there. Read more

Jan 25 2016

Pretty sure it’s the same story in your country. No matter what country that is.