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3:13 PM

This is a microcosm/macrocosm perspective issue.

It certainly sucks to be denied opportunities because a given demographic enclave wants to keep its area “pure,” but you are experiencing in a particular neighborhood what persons of racial and ethnic backgrounds other than Anglo-European (and I’m not even getting into Read more

2:36 PM

This “clarification” that JonTron has offered makes part of his problem incredibly clear.

It is perfectly possible for a person of a racial or ethnic background other than “Anglo-European” to hold particular prejudice—or even racist beliefs—toward white folk. Similarly, it is possible for a woman to hold sexist beliefs Read more

7:46 AM

Seems this is business as usual for Nintendo, a lot of ideas that people perceive as innovative, but really are just slow evolutions of ideas, and not fully thought-out ideas at that. Read more

12:00 PM

Every time I read a new piece covering the Switch, I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Like someone has taken something from me. Like the loss of a favorite toy. I love least I LOVED them at some point. BUT, I am one of those who wants a PS4 that plays the big N titles. I want to sit on my couch Read more

6:46 AM

Shinkai is one of the greatest living anime directors. I haven’t even seen this movie and I am convinced I will love it. It is suppose to be less somber and more accessible than his previous works which is great because his work deserves a mainstream audience. Garden of Words has to be one of the greatest animations Read more

2:34 PM

I watched White Album but I can’t remember how it played out. What was wrong with it?

2:30 PM

Crunchy and Funi recently struck a deal. As a result you’ll probably see most subbed airing shows on Crunchy. The dubs will be on Funi. If you’re looking to watch airing shows subbed, go with Crunchy.

12:01 AM

No, he spent a couple hours with a 100+ hour JRPG.

10:54 AM

Folks get inked for all kinds of different reasons. All six of mine are Latin maxims (four of which are paired with specific images that suit the maxims in question) that I use as guiding principles for my life; they’re also all hidden from view so long as I’m wearing a shirt (shoulders/upper arms/upper back).

From my Read more

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Most people who go vegan tend to do so for reasons of moral philosophy, and thus think it their duty to inform/try to convert others. Of course, others find this annoying.