Ascendant - Izanagi | Nic Liow
10:20 AM

Oh man, this is exciting as all hell. Hope it’ll be an Action RPG in the vein of FFXV, by that I mean an RPG with a big overarching plot and combat that has tag elements, but more pronounced than in FFXV right now. Maybe similar to the planned online mode in FFXV. Read more

8:20 PM

Whoa there, there’s no season 2 announced yet, it’s just speculation on my part off the opening, so don’t go expecting a season 2 just yet. It’d be nice, but it’ll probably depend on how well it does.

8:13 PM

Out of all of this I’m wondering how long it’ll take for Atlus to realize that they need to port SMT to PC or PS consoles (ha). Haven’t played SMTIV Apocalypse yet; ever since my 3DS broke I just can’t find more reason than SMTIV to buy one. And this seems to be holding true for the Switch as well. Read more

8:16 AM

Sorry about that, I’ll be a bit more direct this time; White Album was good, but it was tragic. It made me cry when it ended, and that’s the direction I see Fuuka taking; it’s probably going to end in a sad way, and well, it’s up to you whether or not you want to feel that.

7:59 PM

It wasn’t a problem per se, but more the matter of a certain hollow muscular organ central to our bloodflow pretty much tearing into itty bitty little pieces, if you catch my drift.

2:15 AM

Just found time to watch this. And pretty much the main feeling I had was disappointment, sadly. As much as I want to love this, I can’t really call it anything but a glorified trailer for the game. It doesn’t really achieve anything development wise, though if it did then that would be its own problem heh. The

8:34 AM

Oh man, I was so looking forward to this movie. Seeing as how some of the other recent comic adaptations were at least decent, I was hoping they’d pull out the stops for this one. And they seem to have. In the completely wrong ways. Read more

9:39 AM

I think even more than thinking that we vegans are somehow freaks, is that some people seem to expect that we’d lord it over them. This is especially weird because you’d only think such a thing because you accept that being a vegan is actually better! This is purely from my own experience, been vegetarian my whole Read more

6:53 AM

Super interested in Detroit, the best thing out of Sony’s presentation IMO. Horizon is also shaping up quite nicely, but ofc everything pales in comparison to P5!! Pre-ordering the English CE, there goes my money for the next year or so. Meanwhile I’m just staring at a countdown clock far too much now. Feb 14th seems Read more

11:02 PM

*Takes a quick look at Anichart* Holy crap there are so many shows I’m looking forward to: Arslan S2, Shokugeki S2, and DanganRonpa just to name a few. CURSE YOU ARSLAN S2! WHY DO YOU ONLY HAVE 8 EPISODES?!

12:56 AM

Maybe in a better world, but sadly, not this one. But tbh I'd probably be pissed if it happened; I bought a PS4 just for this game, and I still have way too many Vita games to get through