Today 6:03AM

Have spoken to way too many Trumpers, none of them really value free market, low taxes, or even family values. Not really. Read more

Yesterday 7:38PM

Haven’t accomplished a damn thing in our lives? I once did that thing where you put a pile of coins on your elbow and swing your hand down to catch them, and I’m pretty sure I got, like, 75% of those coins. A lot clattered under the couch, but still. Checkmate. 

Yesterday 5:04PM

“I’ve never cared about anyone’s race, religion, gender, or orientation,” Cawthon wrote” Read more

Yesterday 4:57PM

You’d think at least one of these assholes would own it. Like, drop the, “I love my LGBTQ fans” bit and be straightforward: you don’t think their civil and human rights are as important as your free market, or your low taxes, or your family values. Their money and praise is just fine, but everything else about them is Read more

Yesterday 4:52PM

Despite the article being about and featuring pictures of terrifying animatronic monstrosities, the most disturbing image in the post is photo of Mitch McConnell.

Yesterday 3:36PM

Around a decade ago, Elon Musk and Tesla had a great idea. They developed an electric car that was the opposite of what we had come to expect from one. People thought electric cars were slow so they made it fast. We thought they took forever to charge so they developed a way to charge them quickly and built the Read more

Yesterday 11:44AM

They have a “keep this job at any cost” mentality.  Coal mining is like a lifestyle for them, their identity revolves around it.  Unfortunately for them, it’s a dying industry, and the politicians who still support it don’t care about the miners themselves or labour rights in general. So they’re getting fucked at both Read more

Sunday 5:33PM

the game starts with your character doing psychedelics for the first time and then she spends the rest of the game talking about it

Friday 11:48AM

Need to crack down on the places buying these. Cut out the demand

Thursday 2:36PM

Interesting. Everyone has an opinion, but man, I completely disagree with yours. Lol. 

6/09/21 12:50PM

While it’s not anywhere near as bad or as prevalent as the flip side, this is an example of “leaning so far left, you’re right.” It’s making woke-ness an identity, the idea that anything and everything not explicitly [Left-Focused Demographic] deserves harsh criticism on par with actually-harmful organizations. In Read more

6/09/21 11:34AM

Not everything have to be deep and convoluted. The people just wanna showcase some “wholesome” videogames. Let them do so. People are becoming so jaded that apparently everything has some sinister agenda to derail your worldview.

6/08/21 5:23PM

As most other people are saying, it looks neat but the price for a couple dozen games that give me the impression that they’re wario ware type mini games seems steep. I get that it’s boutique hardware that takes a lot to design and produce, I’d put this in the same market as Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 but way less Read more

6/08/21 10:10AM

Those last two parts I disagree with. If you’re not mechanically inclined now, you may be in an apartment where you don’t have the space. And if you’re not, chances are your available tools are woefully short of what you would need to complete a job, never mind completing it easily enough that you don’t get Read more

6/08/21 9:22AM

Just remember kids: A single month of a car payment, is usually enough money to buy all the preventative maintenance on your current car to keep it for years to come. $300 only takes a ding out of that loan. But, will buy you plugs, wires, filters, fluids, etc. Read more