Mar 23 2017

Anyone who is appalled by the tone of this email is adorably inexperienced when it comes to receiving emails from the executive leadership down to middle management and below. The genre is always self-congratulatory and filled with ‘team wins’ that mean nothing to the recipients, but the execs feel like ‘sharing the Read more

Mar 23 2017

He luckily moved away and I don’t have to see him anymore. But he was a colleague and his office was next to mine and I didn’t want to start anything with him and be branded a bitch (more than I already am since I’m loudly unapologetic about calling out sexism), so I just had to put up with the “friendship” for the Read more

Mar 23 2017

I have been assaulted by three different men. The first was my uncle when I was 16. He was drunk and evidently moved to tears by some song I sang for my family and he shoved his tongue in my mouth in front of my parents, who brushed the event off as “not a big deal.” The second time was a few years ago, when a man at Read more

Mar 23 2017

Before I even start reading—shout out to Hanna Barczyk for the illustration. Really striking.

Mar 23 2017

Walmart is a glaring example of how the vaunted“efficiency of capitalism” is such a brutal myth..Think of the employees whose jobs were lost because Walmart moved into their small town. When the founder, Sam Walton, was alive the workers got benefits, a living wage, and a safe workspace. When the heirs took over

Mar 22 2017

Tomorrow is the vote on the AHCA, so I did something I do often, and called my Congressman’s district office, that’s Darrell Issa’s office in Vista CA, to ask about his vote, as he has publicly made noises about how he’s not thrilled with such a huge defunding of PP and so many people losing coverage. It’s a lucky day Read more

Mar 22 2017

I busted out a gutteral laugh so loud it sounded more like this:

Mar 22 2017

And if he manages to get two sentences out without using the words “losers” or any racial slurs, the press will fall all over themselves to call him presidential in the wake of tragedy.

Mar 22 2017

The average Trump voter also believes that Trump is donating all of his paychecks from being President to... something. So, clearly, there’s no reason for them to be enraged about something so innocent as weekly trips to Florida to play golf.

Mar 22 2017

I vote that we defund protecting this piece of shit embarrassment AT ALL. IMMEDIATELY. Like, why should a coal miner have to pay for Trump’s weekend golfing expedition? Or why should a single mother in Detroit have to pay for Melania to live in her golden high castle? It just isn’t something I can justify anymore. Read more

Mar 22 2017

This is so crazy and it really feels like none of it matters. I think this has really shown how vulnerable our government is and how little oversight or consequence there really are when shit hits the fan. I guess the biggest problem are the fucking GOP party over country assholes.

Mar 21 2017

I just remember when they guest starred on The League and was like noooo don’t let little Chalupa Batman around their unvaccinated child.

Mar 20 2017

This is yet another reminder that having a child does not suddenly make you an expert on literally anything, and that the act of birth is something that literally billions upon billions of people around the world, both very smart and incredibly fucking dumb, have done throughout millenia. Read more