My Dog Can Lick Your Honor Student

LR Discovery 1s and 2s had the big swinging barn door, it’s got zero benefits, and a whole lot of drawbacks. Don’t have 5' clear behind you? Tough break, hope you can get whatever it is you need by climbing over the back seat. Read more

if you go into deep waters often, rear diff breather upgrade is a must. the stock breather is just a filter that sticks out of the diff. The upgrade just runs a hose to a higher location and can be easily done and relatively cheap Read more

I can’t stand the door. It’s so you can put a canoe on the roof and still open the rear door. Overland shit.
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You can test that theory by finding a black bear cub and holding it as it screams for mom. Please have your next of kin film it  Read more

A fully grown male black bear can weigh anywhere from 150lbs to almost 1000lbs (with 500lbs being the typical maximum weight for large males, and 250-300lbs being the typical median weight), with a strength-to-weight ratio greatly outclassing a human. Read more

A lady once had a pet Chimp. A friend visited. The chimp became agitated by the unfamiliar person and pulled both of her hands off....and her face.
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Depending on how strict you are about things, it’d be useful to know that Brave is built on Chromium.
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I’m not certain how it works with tabs (I haven’t had to try it yet), but there is the ability to sign into more than one MS account on Edge. Read more

The older SJ410s were different in a key few areas (narrower track/axles, frame rails, different t-case, etc), but the SJ413/Jimny/Samurai/et al used essentially the same bones from 1985-1995. Shouldn’t be any issues with fitment. Read more

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Replying to myself to mention that I left out the diesel swaps because I am, in fact, a dumb.

It’s lovely, but too dear for something which can be found in its non-RHD, US market Samurai state for less money - and with a functional engine, to boot.

I dunno man.... I took paved public roads today to my six figure job at a company I own, which I was prepared for by a public education. Passed the police and fire department on the way. I breathed clean air and drank clean water from the tap. None of it is perfect, but it is.... something. Private corporations Read more

“Virtually unlimited” except, you know, the people walking by, cars driving by, and the row of cars opposite your spot which is often way closer than it should be. Read more

I don’t think lexus would sell it to you with dry rotted tyres and half a tank of soured petrol
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I don’t follow. If I tell someone my car is broken, they’re not obligated to give me money to fix it. Read more

Whoah! Now this sharp-tongued, merciless take-down of a holy cow single-panel newspaper cartoon that’s been put of circulation for the last 25 years is the kind of relevant, hard-hitting, aggressive, take-no-prisoners media critique I’ve come to expect from AV Club! Take THAT, Gary Larson! Read more

The One Where Joey Goes To Debtors’ Prison.
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Not really, but the whole “Ross’ attitudes toward homosexuality” thing was a throwaway line, like it is established fact Read more

The gay panic jokes were Joey and Chandler and it was 1994. Read more

Ross’ attitude towards homosexuality? Read more