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I don’t go to the slideshows (obviously), but sometimes I will open the header page just to read the comments and people appear to be staying away in droves. Read more

That’s like how people say “Jalopnik will stop doing slideshows”. Those will both surely happen in 2026. Read more

Americans: “Consequences are against my rights to do stupid things!”
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Me too, I love how easy it has become to spot nice, sensible people that care about the wellbeing of others. Read more

Imagine being this triggered. Read more

Nearly $10k for a nearly 20 year old car that’s not really sought after? That seems absurd. Read more

They have been calling them the Flu Trucks Klan up here. Read more

Who typically use the term “Oh Bless Your Heart” as an FU. Read more

I totally get the appeal to have another option or use the Canadian passport for traveling. When I lived in Canada (born in Toronto then moved to Alberta) I also had disdain for the Quebecqois and French-speaking protectionist measures, etc. Now, though, having lived in the USA for years, I totally get it. If you do Read more

If you desired a Canadian Passport because you wanted to make a life here, that would be most understandable. However, you want to treat a coveted Canadian Citizenship document as a “transit pass”. Given that logic, the only transit you should be taking is a short bus. We couldn’t give a rat’s ass if your meemaw was Read more

american southerners are “nice” in that they are overly polite and feign kindness while being complete, usually bigoted assholes beneath the surface.
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What you have to understand about Conservatism is at its core, it is about preserving an in-group protected by the law but not bound by it, and an out-group bound by the law but not protected by it. Read more

I would suggest maybe, just for once, taking a picture of the car with something other than a wide angle lens 1 foot off the ground and 4 feet from the front of the car.

you know, with a 50mm lens from human head height from ~20 feet.

while I am not a fan of the giant pig nostrils, they are dramatically less offensive Read more

For all the shit he takes for supposedly being a diva, focusing on stuff aside from his driving, for being black, for being whatever, there really should be no argument that he has singlehandedly brought the fight to end racism and bring equality to the forefront in markets that view F1, and that he has done a lot to Read more

This car doesn’t need a sunroof.
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