ArtemisGoldfish, Unashamed PT Cruiser Owner
5:41 PM

I know the work of changing your diet and (potentially) exercise seems daunting, but it’s doable, trust me. I was 250 lbs on my 18th birthday and 160 a year later. I always thought jumping on lipo would be a great fix just like you’re saying, but in retrospect that doesn’t address the problem, just the symptom. It’s Read more

5:19 PM

The “hard way” is necessary if you want lasting results. If you go the lazy way and get the fat sucked out and your shitty habits will put you right back where you were, and the only weight you will have lost will be from your wallet. Fixing poor eating habits is the real aim, losing weight is the side-effect.

1:12 PM

I very much dislike those style of intakes. Intakes themselves can be pretty, but air filters... Not so much in my opinion. The rest of the bike looks pretty good though, especially with more black than chrome.