Jul 31

But if it becomes a common car, it won’t be worth much.

Jul 30

They’re still trying to offer a cheaper beamer. It’s priced like a 330i, with power closer to a 340i. But no badge prestige. Read more

Jul 29

I’m afraid Abrams might have blown her shot not running for Senate, which she would’ve easily won one of the two seats, especially if she were running against that awful Kelly Loeffler. Read more

Jul 29

“There is a cure for covid. There is a cure for covid. It’s called hydroxychloroquine, it’s called zinc, it’s called zitromax.” - Dr. Stella Immanuel in a clip from the press conference played on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on July 28, 2020.

Jul 28

having had my dog’s face near my face in a morning, I don’t think she’s qualified to judge breath

Feb 21 2019

Parents in 1999: “Don’t trust anyone you meet on the internet!” Read more