Jun 25 2018

That’s a nice little promotion you have there. Be a shame if something happened o it.

Jun 21 2018

It should never surprise anyone when a white guy does white guy stuff

Jun 20 2018

The way he reaches up to Benatia in supplication, right after collapsing.... It’s like a Baroque painting....

Jun 18 2018

I still hear about Obama being the “most liberal President in U.S. history.” Read more

Jun 17 2018

I don’t know, wouldn’t a more apt analogy be your dad intentionally sitting on his nutsack because he thinks he’s somehow outsmarting his dick or his taint or something?

Jun 16 2018

I hear it’s actually not very good, but the brewers have opened a burner account and started spamming the review sites with positive reviews.

Jun 16 2018

His behavior at PitchTalks was bad enough, but the final straw for the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame was he didn’t say “sorry”. 

Jun 12 2018

When I was deciding where to move to from Anchorage for other work in oil / gas, I got a few offers from places in Houston. I asked a bunch of my co-workers who had lived in Houston about the companies and the city, and after hearing nothing but complaints about the city, I cornered one guy and told him to tell me Read more