9/16/19 10:38AM

The real problem is you would have to catch t-cruise to ask him.

9/09/19 11:19AM

The idea of the BBC finding something “too emotionally muted” made me giggle. 

7/19/19 11:23AM

I love all these fucking internet nerds in the comments claiming she has no right to be an actress because she hasn’t seen the movies they deem necessary.

7/13/19 6:53PM

And how exactly do they get to the status you deem appropriate if they are never cast in higher profile roles and movies? Practically every year the Oscars have some relative unknown person get a ton of attention so don’t act like only “bankable” people get these jobs.

5/09/19 6:55PM

Can’t believe Cloud from Super Smash Bros. is finally getting his own game.

3/24/19 11:38AM

Sorry! Hopefully, a future post will be more to your liking Shawn!

3/17/19 2:45PM

I think he’d rather be remembered for Schindler’s list than fucking Harry Porter.

1/21/19 3:33PM

Trump himself claims to know technology better than anyone.  Yet he cannot move beyond his fascination with the wheel.  Which he claims was invented before the wall.  : /

1/21/19 11:16AM

The real question is: Has the person responsible for these digital alterations been declared an ‘essential’ role during the shutdown?!

1/08/19 12:43AM

I decided to go to the website to see if there was a chance that the production company was called “moviename” since there are a few productions that have dumb names. Apparently it leads to some bizarre site trying to raise awareness for a movie that whose cast and crew are being sued and threatened Read more

12/22/18 4:09PM

Better, “President Trump and Pence found dead in bed, KFC chicken wing lodged in their tracheas”.

12/22/18 2:56PM

A Christmas miracle would be the breaking news CNN chyron “President Trump found dead in bed, KFC chicken wing lodged in his trachea”. I would burn down my Christmas tree for it, if there was a God that could thus be moved.

11/12/18 9:52AM

Can you use some of that critical thinking to write a proper sentence, so the rest of us can understand what you’re going on about?

10/16/18 7:28PM

Well you can get it tomorrow provided that you sell your marriage to the Devil.