11/09/19 12:33PM

It didn’t take long to go from “Gender is determined by science!” to “Gender is whatever I say it is!”

7/14/19 9:57AM

It’s a stolen base when it happens on a 1-1 count, like it did here.

7/13/19 6:39PM

Why is trans actor in quotes? They’re not fucking unicorns, you can easily find them on your TV if so inclined.

3/24/19 1:38PM

Damn, I didn’t know The Square™ had a kinja account.

3/17/19 9:06PM

J.K. Rowling tweeted it out last night.

1/21/19 11:54AM

I think Ray Wise would make a nice replacement.

1/21/19 11:33AM

Trick question. We all know how good Barron is at the cyber. 

1/20/19 8:48AM

You really don’t know what adaptation means. I’d have understood if you were trolling, but you literally are this stupid. How do you remember to breathe?

1/20/19 8:27AM

Oh, you mean the guy who called The Darkside Chronicles a male hemp plant doesn’t want to explain why he doesn’t understand what adaptation means? I’m shocked.

1/20/19 8:23AM

And what are you saying is being adapted? Specific levels? Stages?

1/20/19 8:12AM

No, if it’s a comic about the events of RE2, that’s what’s known as an adaptation. Because that’s a different medium. If it’s just recounting the events, that’s a flashback. Read more

1/20/19 7:34AM

It literally has a section that retells the events of Resident Evil 2, along with one that retells the events of Code: Veronica. Even by your own limited definition of the word “remake”, The Darkside Chronicles fits the bill. Hell, the format—an on-the-rails shooter—was chosen specifically because it allowed the Read more

1/20/19 6:22AM

Oh, so you contend Darkside Chronicles wasn’t a remake because it was an action shooter. Right, because the main Resident Evil series has never counted any of those among its entries. Read more

1/20/19 6:00AM

Except they didn’t just remake one map, one time. They’ve repeatedly remade entire sections of the game and had subsequent games take place there, fleshing out the world in the process. You’re thinking remake has only one definition, that of entirely redoing the game. That’s not only a very narrow definition, it Read more

1/20/19 5:13AM

So you’re saying they’ve never remade any part of Resident Evil 2 since originally releasing the game in 1998?

1/20/19 4:40AM

Trump’s not going to fuck you, dude.

1/11/19 7:10PM

I really liked it. Though, that could be because I got my preferred ending on my first try, before I went looking for the others.

1/08/19 8:22AM

Wow. That is...hilariously weird.