I love this story:

This is an easy one. It was Apple's first Macintosh commercial in 1984 (yes, I'm old), which actually changed the direction of my life.

My first day of first grade, I was so excited to see my best friend. As soon as I got off the school bus I started running towards her. I was concentrating so much on running that I failed to see the huge metal latch hanging off a fence. I suddenly had a crowd of kids and teachers surrounding me and pointing at my Read more

One day when I was in grad school, in the middle of a shift, I found myself extremely short on breath, clutching at my chest in pain. Rushed to the ER, I discover my lung had collapsed (in medical terms they called it a pneumothorax). Read more

One night at my beach house, my brother was doing some night fishin', when he - surprise, surprise! - caught something. He left his fishing pole, and ran up to the house to grab a fishing knife. Apparently, he was in a hurry because he *foreshadowing* began running with said knife. On his way back down, something went Read more

I was on vacation with my family and had just finished a snorkeling expedition. Throughout the 2-hour tour, I was surrounded by extremely large fish-like whales and screaming through my snorkel if one was a little too close for comfort. I guess the excitement was too much for my psyche, because as soon as I walked out Read more

Due to the prevalence of transitioning from personally storing data to cloud storage, is it a legitimate concern that eventually the corporations will hold your data hostage and force you to pay to download your own files? This is the reason I feel it is important to keep my music, movies & pictures on my own Read more