how could ANYONE forget about frosted animal crackers?!?

Are you currently still in a Facebook relationship with your off-and-on-again ex-girlfriend, would be a good one for starters. Read more

I was standing at the bar waiting to order a drink, and a guy who was standing behind me and had no clear view of my face besides my side profile, tapped me on the shoulder, and said "I know this might be a little weird but, you have a really nice nose," and proceeded to hit on me. (My nose is far from perfect, so Read more

I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to books and libraries, and I love that these 8th grade students are innovating the traditional library with modern design. With e-books replacing the act of going to a library and experiencing the sense of community there, I think it's really cool that these are students who are Read more

When I was in elementary school I got my ears pierced for the first time. I wore studs and never changed them, and one day they seemed to have disappeared and couldn't be found anywhere. Upon closer inspection by my dad, he thought the earring had gotten stuck inside my ear, basically like my lobe had swallowed the Read more

I know you went to undergrad at Towson, because I was also a Journalism major there from 2007-2011 (I'm sure we had some of the same professors). Do you think your time as a Journalism student at Towson affected the way your career path turned out and what kind of advice would you give to someone going to school for Read more