Aug 12

It was too long and all over the place, but got better towards the end. You can blame the producers and writers for not helping her keep it short and sweet. 

Aug 12

CNN tweet that sounds like Death Cab For Cutie lyrics now turned into song that sounds nothing like Death Cab For Cutie

Aug 12

I see your point, but that’s only if you account for the movie theater expenses, including the employee wages. You are basically paying for a big screen, sound and the overall experience, none of which you get from a 30 buck rental at home. Seems excessive. 

Aug 12

...made available exclusively to subscribers on September 4 as a $29.99 rental...

Aug 12

You seem to be under the impression I give two Taco Bell chalupa farts about your lazy concern trolling disguised  as beliefs.

Aug 11

She’s both a cop and wants to abolish the police, according to to every sordid Trumper dipshit out there.

Aug 6

I completely agree. The only reason I haven’t cancelled it is simply because my kids like rewatching Pixar movies a few times a month, which is more than covered by the monthly fee.

Aug 6

Wish society would stop celebrating the world's biggest assholes. 

Aug 5

Not only he wasn’t present while the raid occurred, but he’s also a rich white guy.

Aug 4

Because the lines between news and entertainment have long been blurred, to the point in which most people (including journalists) can’t tell the difference, especially when it comes to news and editorials.

Aug 3

American Freedom = the false belief that one’s imaginary rights trump the safety and wellbeing of others living in the same society.