8/20/20 3:55PM

My Spidey senses are telling me she’s been with some brethren before....

6/04/20 10:03AM

Her 6 minute long Minute of Rage was pretty fucking great last night, too, if you haven’t given it a peek.

7/01/19 3:05PM

The most fitting and telling detail of this analogy is that he owns a BASKETBALL TEAM.

6/03/19 1:12PM

The math would lay out that in Game 3 Toronto will be up by 15 at the half, Curry will come out and put up 17 straight threes in 10 minutes, then his right foot will fall off and the Warriors will lose by 4. In game 4 Curry comes back with a wheel where his right foot was and puts up a triple double, before Andre Read more

9/18/18 3:22PM

I have to think the smell coming out of the OL room has to count as a huge reason not to hang out there. 350 pound dudes eating 5000 calories a day must produce some unholy gas.

8/14/18 11:46AM

Saints do not hang out with sinners. So anyone spilling the tea on the dotard will in no way have clean hands. In the immortal words of Billy Martin: “One’s a born liar, the other’s convicted.”

8/08/18 10:08AM

When my family moved into Navy Officer’s Housing in San Diego in 1966 there were a lot of unhappy white people in the neighborhood. My father was stationed in Vietnam at the time when my mother moved her five children including 9-year-old me, into that all-white neighborhood. I was called “nigger” by more than a few Read more

7/19/18 11:22PM

It’s no surprise that a guy who couldn’t read defenses also can’t read basic scientific facts.

7/17/18 3:19PM

And I still go to the grocery store to get my shit, mostly because I don’t want someone picking my steak for me. I want full steak control. I also reserve the right to make an impulse pork rinds purchase if I so desire. Read more

7/06/18 2:32AM

It works better if you look at him as Eden’s male equivalent - thoroughly brainwashed into thinking he should be this dominant, controlling force and treat women as lesser than. But like her he’s ultimately unable to fulfill that role because, you know, love exists, and it jars so harshly with the world they’ve Read more

6/28/18 5:04PM

I think it’s harsh to call Germany frauds, historically they’ve struggled in Russia.

6/28/18 12:14PM

He looks like Al Jarreau’s ghost.