5/26/20 11:51AM

Only if he brings this look back with him:

9/18/18 3:22PM

I have to think the smell coming out of the OL room has to count as a huge reason not to hang out there. 350 pound dudes eating 5000 calories a day must produce some unholy gas.

8/16/18 2:50PM

She has so many great songs, but her performance on “Good To Me As I Am To You” from Lady Soul has got to be one of the greatest blues performances I’ve ever heard. Perfect backing band (Clapton on the solos), perfect lyric for her, and she sounds so effortlessly powerful. Why even try to sing a slow blues after

5/15/18 12:06PM

All of the musician interviews on QLS have been really amazing. Ray Parker Jr and Bootsy Collins were super entertaining. And Prince Paul was great too. And Biz Markie!
Read more

1/01/17 12:22AM

There couldn’t have been a more appropriate finale to the year. Fuck this shit.

11/03/16 1:12AM

As a Knicks fan, I’d like to know how much Theo Epstein knows about basketball and what his rate would be...

6/13/16 5:38PM

The worst of the English hooligans are under travel bans and have to turn in their passports whenever there is a major football tourney, so the majority of the English fans that are in France might be loud and drunk, but they aren’t organized fighters. The Russian and French ultras have no such ban so it is no wonder

6/09/16 1:39PM

That is super impressive, but I really preferred the DMC competitions before DJ’s used Serato. It took a different (and I would argue) much more difficult set of skills to put together a winning set using regular records that had to be changed every time you wanted to use a new beat or sample. For example: Read more

4/14/16 4:42PM

56 is for Dimaggio’s hitting streak. I have no clue what 6-24 means.

3/29/16 1:34PM

If you were a teenager in the mid 80's you definitely recognize this exact group of people, no matter what part of the country you’re from. Hell, I was a black kid in NYC at the time, but certainly knew folks like Zebraman and the chick that wanted to jump Rob Halford’s bones. I’m so happy that HMPL exists so I can Read more

3/24/16 10:45AM

Am I the only one disappointed that there aren’t scary DEFCON signs all over the place?

2/26/16 10:56AM

There is a surprisingly good documentary about competitive jump rope, worth a watch.