“How dare these grody nekkid womenz invade our precious video game space!”

Who is going to do the educating? Many American schools can’t even be trusted to teach their own nation’s history properly - they’re never going to handle Asian religious iconography.

which is easily circumnavigated by people who are AFK and do not wish to be kicked via the same methods used during expansion pack rollouts for years. this is a temporary inconvenience, and considering that people on the free trial (Did you know that the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has a free trial, Read more

Well this comments section is going to be well-reasoned, calm, and not at all xenophobic.

“How many computers do you think we should get for our crypto-mining operation??

“I dunno, a thousand?”

“That’s great. But what if we got a thousand. And then added another.....69?”


We live in a world where we have yearly call of duty US military jerkoff sessions, but you are concerned because a single chinese company is buying a random British publisher because propaganda, lol

This is a great blog written by a very handsome boy.

an excellent new voice in journalism.

This is the content I crave.

“Doesn’t like politics” means he’s fortunate enough to not be affected by politics.

I think it’s important to start with the understanding that while a high level of difficulty is core to the design of some games, it’s not for most (and that really hasn’t been the case since the early ‘90s when publishers were still trying to make games harder in the US to combat the rental market). There are many Read more

Not really a good analogy, in my opinion. Once you’ve had a bite or two of spicy food, you’ve essentially experienced all you need to know of it. More bites are just more of the same. Read more

I mean… yeah, dude. The author got mega harassed by jerks on the internet and so he used his platform to write an article defending his views and commending a big publisher for supporting his inclusive views. There’s a big difference between writing something on the internet to stroke your own ego versus standing up Read more

The Final Fantasy ports have triple speed and an invincibility button. I had 100 spare hours to play a game like that when I had a summer vacation. I don’t get those anymore. So having that option is probably the only chance I have of playing these games again.

Lots of places that sell spicy food let you order how spicy you want it. Giving that option takes nothing away from the people who prefer it spicy. 

Look. Some of us are old now. Those 12+ hour marathons are 20 years in the past. I try that now and all I’m going to accomplish is a blood clot. And folks can snicker, but their day will come. Eventually you won’t give a shit about learning the timing of phase 3 of whatever boss fight you’re stuck at.  You’re going to Read more

We open on PETE and STEPHEN two teenagers standing next to a large box truck with the words “CASTLE ROCK PET STORE” on the side. They look sad, exhausted and disheveled.

Boss said no one can find out what happened at the store. He’ll lose his license.

Fine, but what are we Read more

Personally I hope they throw the book at him. My brother died of modified zelda save files. 

In a post about the name change on the Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Reddit group, some players lament the renaming, while others wonder why it was necessary in the first place Read more