Jul 2

cool, love to publish an article that reads “streamer dead” with no further context, really meaningful stuff Read more

Jul 2

yeah it would have been a lot better to just run a story that was just “twitter said streamer boy offed himself??” without any attempt to get clarity from sources close to the subject. journalists do this literally every day. i’ve had to do it on a couple of occasions, and it usually results in responses like Read more

Jul 2

It’s not harassment, it’s an email. They’re doing their jobs, dude. 

Jul 2

This is a shining-bright example of how the fucking scum of the Internet hides behind their keyboards spamming “KYS BITCH, NOBODY LOVES YOU, YOU’RE FUCKING WORTHLESS!!” until they actually do it.

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Jul 2

Hi, since I’m seeing lots of talk about whether the headline/image are a spoiler, here’s my thinking on that: it’s only a spoiler if you look at Lev being trans as something that’s meant to be a surprise or some kind of dramatic reveal. Years upon years of trans storylines have taught us this (think: The Crying Game, Read more

Jun 29

Imagine framing someone thinking you don’t deserve the same basic human rights as everyone else as “an opinion you don’t agree with”.

Jun 29

Hey man, trans people are dying, but please cry more for video games not being purchased enough. That is the hill to die on, FOR SURE.

Jun 29

In case anyone here was still under the impression that JK Rowling isn’t a transphobe, she recently unfollowed Stephen King and deleted her tweets supporting him after he came out saying trans women are women.

Jun 29

Trump in particular is a dead man walking, will be out of office in January”

I’ll believe it in January.

If anybody truly wants him out of office, do not listen to the polls or pundits.  Go out and vote no matter what!

Jun 29

“We do not make exceptions for political or newsworthy content...”

Shots fired at Twitter, which has had its “public interest” exception/disclaimer going strong for the past 3 and a half years to absolve itself of its own self-stated responsibility. Read more

Jun 29

Not only is that woman holding that gun entirely wrong but she has her finger on the fucking trigger the whole time! Even her dipshit husband seems to know better than that. She should be arrested for reckless endangerment. 

Jun 26

How is this “out of the blue”? It feels like every month he’s done something stupid and terrible. This is the guy who livestreamed a minor using the bathroom without consent. If anything it’s a shock this didn’t happen a long time ago.

Jun 24

Some people started bravely speaking out about abuse they’ve experienced in the past and it’s empowered many, many others to come finally forward about similar experiences.