You know me, I. Hate. Everyone.
Apr 12

This is the loveliest thing I have seen today. Thank you :)

Apr 9

A little off topic, but what’s up with Greenberg always being described as a “tax collector”? Is that still an actual job title in the US? Does Florida still have guys going from house to house with a bag and a quill and papyrus ledgers and shit?

Apr 8

Allow me to quickly share with you an ancient Alaskan saying that, in my honest opinion, summarises how I feel about the idea of being horse-traded for DC statehood: Read more

Apr 7

I’m not usually one for schadenfreude but when it comes to fuckwits like Gaetz I’m all on board so I’m right there with you.

Mar 29

“THEYRE JUST WORDS” until you call their mother a c*nt, and then they get all offended.