Feb 23

and the Lord Jesus spoke: “ye, if thou hast a rockin bod, make yon ducats on the site only for fans, my child! dolla, dolla bills, ye all!

Feb 18

If by “they” you mean the rich Texans then yes. But I doubt the feds will be paying for the $1000 February electric bills the poor people will be getting.

Feb 18

I think you might be confusing Chun-Li with King from Tekken. Chun-Li was in Soul Calibur.

Feb 11

The worst thing is what he does to little kids, like the 13yo “Catch me outside” girl.

Feb 1

It’s so sadly predictable. And I am reeling from a discussion amongst my extended family in which a couple of healthy, WFH millennial aged members were discussing how best to get around the current guidelines to get a spot further up in the line.   Read more

Nov 4

Alright, 2020, I’ve read your script and it’s....well, there’s some promise there, and some real thrilling parts, but the messaging is just a little heavy-handed. I’m not sure anyone is going to buy this president character, who could not possibly exist in real life. Like, what politician up for re-election would Read more

Oct 2

I had a math professor who, at the end of the semester, hadn’t learned the names of his students. That doesn’t seem too egregious, except there were only three of us.

Sep 14

It’s not that it all doesn’t work. It’s that it’s ad-hoc. It’s like engineering a plane while just kinda guessing at the strength of the metal used to make it. It might work and might work well but then again, you might guess wrong. Read more

Aug 31

You’re asking me why you, a young person, should be worried about a disease that mostly kills older people? Do I have to explain empathy to you? Do I have to explain that people over 55 are still people who don’t deserve to die? I guess if you hate your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and all of the teachers you Read more

Jul 9

They’re just setting the stage for their triumphant rebrand as Lady Reconstruction.

Jul 1

In the video, Maggie is wearing a Mets shirt (which is technically classified as a Confederate monument because it celebrates a “lost cause”)

Jan 13 2020

Environmental toxicologist here - it won’t rinse out, it’s used to water proof clothing.  However, these are large compounds that are not likely to cross the skin barrier in high enough concentrations to cause the cancers associated with PFAS, those are caused by this chemical primarily in drinking water.  So unless Read more

Dec 24 2019

I feel like people don’t get that you didn’t need to own slaves to profit off of the institution of slavery. The owners and executives of mills that spun cotton into thread made money, as did those of the mills that made that thread into cloth made money, the owners of the stores that sold that cloth made money. The Read more

Dec 2 2019

“Or if I’m walking down the street or shopping and there’s somebody wearing Trump gear or a MAGA hat, I’ll walk the other way or try to put some distance between us because I’m not looking for conflict.” Read more