Archaeyopterix Majorus
Jul 30

In general, there is just too much coverage of comics, toys, and horror for me and not enough coverage of science fiction or science. Read more

Jul 30

There is, of course, the regular dead horse I’ve beaten into cheeseburger since I started reading this site: Get a motherforkin’ Gol moggin’ full-time copy editor on staff! Everything needs to be copy edited before being posted! Read more

Jul 30

io9 bookclub was great. I didn’t like all the books, but that’s the point. I was exposed to new things and found many authors that I now love, including Lauren Beukes who had a new novel come out this week. It was great to be able to talk to the authors too. A list of authors I found through io9 bookclub: Emily St Read more

Jun 30

Whiteness is a political convenient aspiration / chumto toss to poorer whites and “model minorities”, as if anything other than whiteness is undesirable or no to standard. Read more

Jun 13

You didn’t do anything wrong; calculus is hard as SHIT. My first (and only) brush with the C-word was also in college - Pre-calculus. Not even the real thing. After the first couple of weeks I thought I was starting to grasp it. Then we were handed a quiz. Blink, blink...nothing. I couldn’t answer even one question.  Read more

Jun 2

Blog has been updated with expert comments who agree that it probably does!

Jun 2

Isnt a stretch at all. Anyone who  has problems with tear gas on a respratory level likely has a pre-existing condition that probably already makes Covid-19 an issue. Catching the virus /after/ tear gas has done something to theiir lungs isnt going to help.