Archaeyopterix Majorus
4:51 PM

I really hate the white folks who, the momemnt the room is all white men, bust out the racist and sexist jokes. Read more

3:30 PM

Worse, its not a geographical thing- its not limited to southern states or deep-red states, but is just pretty much universal to any places where white people congregate. I’m from Minnesota, which has gone blue in every election since (iirc) 1972, and yet you see the same shit once you set foot outside the twin cities Read more

3:20 PM

It is nota coincidence that when the Klan started up again in the 1920s, on the heels of the release of Birth of a Nation, is began again in Indiana, not Tenessee.

11:40 AM

western pennsylvania too.  there are sane people, but its demoralizing to see groups that you were close to reveal their true feelings.

10:08 AM

I grew up there -- left 20+ years ago -- and I think the rest of the country underestimates the level and scariness of racism in Indiana. No matter how bad it seems from the news, no matter how bad Pence himself is, the truth when you live there is much, much more alarming. I used to go back to visit family a few Read more

8:10 PM

One point about the “Who did Palpatine fuck?” line of questioning. I’ve not actually seen anyone float the possibility anywhere that his fathering a child was non-consensual. He’s the evil ruler of the galaxy, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he forced himself on some poor woman (or women) in his Read more

10:20 AM

At this point there is little reason to mock what trump says, it’s all just the most obvious, pointless lies anyway. Read more

8:42 AM

I always feel so depressed when I think about it. The inevitablity of certain things, the fact that after screaming for four literal years that if we don’t do anything we’ll end up in the same place... people are like: “Meh, this is fine.” I have had to end decade-long friendships and tell blood relations to take a Read more

10:09 AM

You turn on the shower, you’re not allowed to have any water anymore. I mean, we do a lot of it. Uh, dishwashers. You did the dishwasher, right? You press it. Remember the dishwasher, you press it? Boom, there’d be like an explosion, five minutes later, you open it, the steam pours out, the dishes. Now you press it Read more

5:34 AM

I wanted to type something funny about “how would a trump respond to trump?” and type an impression of that.... Read more

11:49 PM

Check out Opie there on the right, that’s the vacant look of a soulless ginger getting his last few IQ points sucked out by a braying clown.

7:28 AM

Then you may have missed the point of Luke’s scenes with the Resistance, they’re talk about broadcasts, and his heading out - alone - with a Laser Sword - to face a bunch of Gorilla AT-ATs. Then the scenes after are about kids across the galaxy talking up the story they heard from those broadcasts, hyping themselves Read more

5:17 PM

So according to the DSM-5 (Psychiatric diagnostic book) narcissistic personality disorder is diagnosed in patients that meet 5 of these 9 criteria: Read more

4:43 PM

This letter, which you know he didn’t write and at best dictated maybe a quarter of (and which I would pay fifty dollars to watch him attempt to read out loud start to finish, but I would only pay on completion, so I’d get to watch it for free) will appear in future textbooks in the “Psychological projection” module. Read more