Yesterday 6:58PM

Maybe I’m just a petty person, but if I were in Congress I wouldn’t be caught dead sitting and smiling next to fucking Susan Collins or any of the other noxious and vile Republicans. I’d probably be censured on my first day for getting on the floor of the House or Senate and saying, “Eat dirt and die, trash!” to Read more

Yesterday 6:16PM

Wow that’s great where my health care reform? Where is the raise in the min wage. Even $12 an hour would be better than nothing. Come on. 

Yesterday 5:05PM

If they were in any way a functioning body, I would absolutely applaud this kind of ridiculousness. Have some fun! Wear stupid stuff! But Roger Marshall in seersucker is still just Roger Fucking Marshall, election denier, former guy fellatio aficionado, and hydroxychloroquine taker. 

Yesterday 4:51PM

It’s almost like they don’t give a shit about the rest of us.

Yesterday 4:49PM

So anyone who thinks difficulty options in a game lessens the experience is wrong. Pick the difficulty you enjoy and go have a blast. It can only hurt you if you pick an easier setting you don’t like. It’s like saying someone driving an automatic lessens the driving experience of someone else driving a manual. Pure Read more

Yesterday 4:10PM

The challenge in itself isn’t the problem in most From game except Sekiro. There are ways to manage the difficulty (tank and spank in DS1 for example is incredibly forgiving, co-op in all of them helps a lot too). Sekiro is the only one where they somehow gave up on that and decided to make a baseline of difficulty Read more

Yesterday 3:56PM

This is an interesting approach but I don’t actually think I believe them lol, feels like they are going for its easier because you’ve got more tools which is true - except for many won’t use them.

Yesterday 3:39PM

If nothing else, I am glad this article gave me an excuse to revisit that “you cheated yourself” tweet and laugh about it again.

Yesterday 3:35PM

I loved the innovation that Jedi: Fallen Order included with parry times and all that. It was a perfect gateway into this type of game, for me, but I still don’t think I’m quite up to the challenge of the real thing (From games).

Yesterday 12:49PM

Zatanna isn’t a villain so, by definition, she cannot be the hottest villain.

Yesterday 11:59AM

I love her music but every time Billie opens her mouth it adds evidence to the case that “unschooling” and/or allowing your children to be full time professional performers before they’re 20 is bad m’kay.

Yesterday 11:21AM

He’s trying to date someone with his maturity level would be my guess.

Yesterday 11:20AM

I can’t comment on things a lot of the time, and I’m never able to see or respond to those who have responded to me. They show up in my notifications, but they don’t show in the comments, even when I search pending as well.

Yesterday 11:13AM

You’re not alone. Even searching for comments sometimes I can’t see the replies. If I click my own comment, it won’t go right to it. It will go to the page it’s on.