8/23/20 12:02PM

The actual chances of getting someone sick, or, worse, of killing him as the result of such a trip, considering all the mitigation measures taken, are close to zero. Probably on par with the risk you take of hurting other people each time you get in your car. Read more

6/13/20 11:58PM

HAHAHAHA!   hadn’t heard “pussy ass bitches” since high school!  I laughed at that guy too!  LOL! (really)

6/12/20 11:05PM

It’s an argument that I already won. You’re just too dumb to realize that you’ve lost. Read more

4/30/20 3:06PM

Here’s the thing...when did we really close? All that happened is that people started going to Wal-Mart for everything instead of local businesses, which were forced to close. The virus still got into nursing homes, hospitals, and all the at-risk places. The stated point of the lockdown was to avoid overwhelming our Read more

4/30/20 2:07PM

YOU can listen to whomever you want and assess the risk to whatever metrics you value. I am lobbying for YOU to stay in doors and MYSELF the freedom to choose when I am in public. Right now that choice has been heavily restricted.

2/19/20 2:46PM

So, what do we do now?  Walk back all the safety Nazi comments?  Apparently, Nascar did, uh, pretty dang good here.  Excitement, big crash, dramatic finish, and the guy walks right out of the hospital two days later.

2/19/20 12:43PM

The idea that women oriented companies would want to sponsor a race team primarily viewed by men was flawed from the start. Read more

2/18/20 10:05AM

Seems like you have too much on your plate ATM.. no one came here to hear your excuses for badly written content.

2/18/20 9:59AM

It's funny how in the article you criticize the tweets that ignored the seriousness of the accident (although for those who have that job it was impossible to know the delicate situation) but somehow we have to accept a poorly written article and sympathize with the difficult life that you lead , which prevents you Read more

2/18/20 9:52AM

Blame others is the lowest rung of the accountability ladder...

2/18/20 9:38AM

How do I star this multiple times?!

1/27/20 10:33AM

I saw a tweet that said “Kobe spent his last moments on earth looking into the eyes of his child knowing there was nothing he could do to save her. Is that enough revenge for you?” Read more

1/06/20 4:16PM

And that rule worked so well in China. Oh wait, it didn’t.

12/26/19 5:43PM

It’s like my mom always said, while telling me not to smoke pot when I was a teenager while she was smoking a joint, “do as I say, not as I do.” I found it obnoxiously hypocritical then, and I do now too!